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  1. I've replaced both the main cooling pipes and the heater pipes which run through the chassis. They all pulled out through the front once I'd removed the radiator. I also replaced the little plastic shrouds which hold them tight within the holes at both ends.
  2. I’ve just bought a house in Spain and the fluctuations cost me the price of a shiny new Motorbike...... First world problems, I know, but I’ve been carefully following the rate as I now have a Spanish account and Spanish mortgage with my only income from my UK business. The rate is currently intrinsically linked to Brexit with lows occurring any time a risk of no deal is considered likely and spikes whenever the concept of a second referendum is aired. I’m not sure why the outrage, the article is factually correct and the case study is just a demonstration of how some people are affected......... I wanted a f*cking Ducati!!!!!! Dagnamit
  3. I normally fit the usual Jubilee type clip using 12mm A2 stainless band but I was wondering if anyone used, or advocated the use of alternatives such as the crimp type? thoughts?
  4. Absolutely. Crate it up and send it off. Meanwhile your guy can be busying himself with making sure the cooling system is flushed and clean and your car is ready to receive its fresh reliable unit. I’d ditch the ECU for a stock unit personally too.
  5. This sounds very much like the mechanic getting his excuses in early for an inevitable failure, after which he can blame Lotus and tell you he told you so. Having blown up a V8 following some previous owner shenanigans I’m Sympathetic to your story but I agree with others on this: take it to an engine builder with experience of these engines. I've just had my fairly simple 907 N/A 4 pot rebuilt by one of the more recognised specialists out there and it didn’t cost the earth, but I know it’s right.
  6. Time to rebuild those carbs....... bets being taken on how many bits are left over at the end........
  7. I've had an S4, a Sport 350 and my current S2..... and not surprisingly I loved them all. The Sport 350 was special but I do think the V8 is just too much for that chassis, the car suits a revvy 4cyl engine and the S4 was brilliant. The S2 is my favourite to drive as it's just such a raw driving experience and because the engine isn't over powerful, you really do get that sense of accomplishment driving to what feels like its limits without hitting silly speeds. The SM gearbox is infinitely better to use than the Renault one. Looks wise, a toss up between the S2 and the last of the V8's or possibly the Sport 300. The S2 looked better than the S1 with the minor mod's such as the front valance and the 'ears'. I also think I prefer the black sills (although I may change my mind on that next week). What makes the S2 for me though is the wheels, the purpose made Speedlines are just so much better than the generic looking Wolfrace wheels. The Sport 300 and the later V8's just look so aggressive and 'supercar'. Owning, for me again it's the S2...... it's a 70's sports car with simple engineering and I can tinker with it, and that's part of the joy of ownership. It's also still rare and special. I could also tinker with my S4, but less so and the Sport 350 and V8's are genuine super cars which, for me, need specialist servicing.
  8. I made a list of the fixings when I removed my engine and did a running list for ordering new ones. I've attached it if it's of any use. Here's a screen shot of it: Esprit fixing schedule 2.xlsx
  9. Productive weekend: Turned the garage in to a spray booth and got some colour on the u/s of the tub Then started on the chassis finish with the textured chassis paint Paint looked so good that I decided to undo some previously poor work where the black arch finish had been crudely taken to the edge of the arch Should be folded in, I'll mask the yellow to follow the line and paint the arches later.
  10. Thanks Dan You may just be able to make out the captive threads welded to the inside. There is a cover plate which bolts from the outside....... it's pretty nasty. I'd not considered fitting one to the inside. I can see the reason why it's been done, I'm just annoyed that it was done so poorly. Thanks for the advice.
  11. So it's been 2 years since I took my S2 off the road for a quick engine out job to replace the manifold, timing belt and clutch.......... I've since discovered the phenomenon of 'scope creep'...... So this is where I'm up to: Chassis completely stripped...... Meanwhile, engine has been to Pete at PNM for a complete rebuild: full top end, bearings, liners etc Bought myself a blast cabinet and I've been amazed with the results So I've kept myself busy cleaning up the tub and the chassis; which was in excellent shape for a pre-galvanised unit. I opted for a product called Rust Encapsulator from a company called Buzzwelding, which will be finished with a product called Chassis in One which can be applied as a textured finish. It's a bit shiny so that will be gone over with a matt finish. Still need to come up with an idea to tidy up that hatchet job done by someone by cutting a hole in the bottom plate....... ideas welcomed. Refurbished radiator is ready for collection and I've treated it to a new grille, so having cleaned the tub, I've given it a quick blast to get rid of the stone chips and I'll re-do this area in body colour. Due to aforementioned scope creep, I missed having it ready for its 40th Birthday, having rolled off the production line on the 4th May 1979....... Wife kindly obliged with cake and party food So...... slow progress indeed and I really can't wait to have it back on the road but I'm enjoying doing it.
  12. Does anyone know the size of the torx tool which fits the bolts holding the front hub to the disk? Seems an odd size and I don't have one.
  13. Nothing missed.......... it just needed a bally good talking to!!!! As an aside, I urge you to invest in a blast cabinet........ soooooooo therapeutic...... 4 years of road crud and rust blasted away in seconds!!!
  14. Not having much joy removing stuff of late!! Pivot bolt will not budge, I've exposed the head behind the carpet and tried to turn it with little luck. As the wishbone moves up and down with no rotation in the bolt, I assume it's seized within the chassis sleeve so my next move would be to apply heat. Unless I'm missing something?
  15. Not a great pic, but you can just make out the pin facing towards the steering column.
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