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  1. Nothing missed.......... it just needed a bally good talking to!!!! As an aside, I urge you to invest in a blast cabinet........ soooooooo therapeutic...... 4 years of road crud and rust blasted away in seconds!!!
  2. Not having much joy removing stuff of late!! Pivot bolt will not budge, I've exposed the head behind the carpet and tried to turn it with little luck. As the wishbone moves up and down with no rotation in the bolt, I assume it's seized within the chassis sleeve so my next move would be to apply heat. Unless I'm missing something?
  3. Not a great pic, but you can just make out the pin facing towards the steering column.
  4. ah..... yes, my pin is in the other way.......... there may be trouble ahead!!
  5. Good ventilation and air circulation is better than heat. Warming the space can increase the surface condensation. Dehumidifying is a good option for sure.
  6. I'm replacing the brakes all round so the master cylinder is removed. I'll find a spanner to fit that bottom nut, they're not that tight. Shouldn't the threaded rod detach from the bar though? That's what's confusing me..........
  7. Replacing the servo and really struggling to remove the old unit. I've been turning the threaded connector to the brake pedal bar for ages and it's not detaching. Without that out of the way I can't access the nut below it. Plus I can't get a spanner around the bottom nut holding the servo to the bracket. Oh..... and to really cap it off, the pin connecting the bar to the brake pedal is fouled by the steering column........... and there was me thinking this would be easy.
  8. I've got the Wilwood setup ready to fit to mine. Glad to hear they're good.
  9. I decided to sink a few shillings in to bikes I like and that I consider to be near or at the bottom of their value....... so I've just added this to the Buell and the MV Agusta: Love this pic...... it looks filthy
  10. Can't complain about any of mine really. My 02 Elise was new as was my 05 Exige. Had 3 Esprit' the first being a 94 S4 commemorative which gave me no problems other than a cracked manifold which PNM sorted with little effort. I think the deal on my Sport 350 was decent, although it had an intermittent albeit persistent misfire which I left unchecked and I think that ultimately resulted in the weakening of a piston/pin and catastrophic engine failure, so I wish I'd had that sorted toot sweet....... I still dream about that car........ Current S2 has been as good as gold. Spending a small fortune on it now, but that's out of choice...... it needed a cam belt and a manifold but I decided to go the full hog once the engine was out. Once finished it'll still be worth more than I paid for it and it'll be lovely.
  11. A bit filthy if you ask me.......
  12. I've mentioned this to a few friends and thus far I've been met with bewilderment......... so I thought I'd seek counsel with more like minded.....errr...... mentalists...... Aaaaaanyway, my beautiful lemon yellow Lotus Esprit S2 rolled off the production line on the 4th May 1979, which makes it 40 on that date next year. I'm keen to celebrate the occasion and think a good road trip to somewhere iconic would be fitting and wondered if you knuckleheads would be so kind as to contribute ideas....... or incur my wrath. Ideas thus far: Nurburgring (done loads of times and a bit obvious...... but I do love the place) Le Mans 24hr (I'd have preferred the classic but it's biennial, so not next year) Trip to Hethel, maybe see if they'll let me photo my car outside the factory....... I could do this on the day in addition to a road trip Mugello MotoGP..... want to see Rossi there before he retires so maybe roll the two together? What say you?
  13. Daniel


    I've a friend who's practice is in Colchester
  14. OK, so having thought about it really hard, until my brain hurt, here's what I'm going to do. Chassis: chemical metal over the imperfections on the tubing and bottom flat plates. Could be time consuming but I'm in no rush. Finish will eventually be silver. Tub: give the tub in the engine bay a dusting of body colour. Obviously any oil and debris will stick out like a saw thumb so I'll give it a bit of clear coat to allow it to be wiped clean. wadayareckon homies?
  15. ah, good call on the chemical metal. The more I think about it, the more I think it's right to go down this route. After all I'm documenting the work so there's no intent to deceive, I just want as nice a finish as I can get. Thanks for your input chaps.
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