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  1. Take a group of sports cars on a test run to see which one is the best at being a sports car. Immediately dismiss the one which has the best sports car attributes, acknowledging that it has the best sports car attributes and bang on about the Porsche. I remember now, why I stopped reading EVO.
  2. Edit. Just noticed you got an Elise.
  3. I'm coming to the end of a full mechanical resto and the current running total is a shade over 9K with probably another 1K to go. I've done all of the work aside from the engine rebuild. If there's bodywork and interior work to do, it'll be comfortably 15-20K.
  4. Just to confuse the issue more, I took my gearbox out from below and then my engine out from above using a normal engine hoist........ I think I'll put them back that way too.
  5. I've used products from a company called Buzzweld. I'm really impressed with the finish.
  6. I'm still working through the lockdown, but not going out generally has focused my efforts somewhat. I managed to get over-spray from the wheel arch paint on to the freshly painted underside. Re-prep'd it and painted it again and for some reason the paint kept reacting. In the end I re-did the lot with the textured black, then went over the tub paint with a matt finish keeping the chassis a silk finish........ subtle but I like it. Doubt it'll be noticeable when everything's back together. Front end now pretty much complete I got the refurbished radiator back and the frame had been blasted and re-coated and wasn't in great condition, so I thought about the aluminium replacement. Pete at PNM recommended keeping the refurbished radiator and having the frame re-done in stainless steel, so it's with him now. I've also had to order new coolant pipes. I put the old ones away as they looked ok, but when I cleaned them down they were heavily pitted with lots of micro holes. Considering it was all done with the shell on, I'm really pleased with the finish Just now waiting for those coolant pipes and I can think about getting the engine and gearbox in. I'm now making plans for lots of 2021 road trips!!!
  7. @C43, Christian did you have to adapt your dust shields for the Wilwood calipers? Just done a test fit and they seem to need cutting.
  8. Nice one Pete. I was hoping that the ARB would pull it up. I'm just having that re-finished as I dropped it. Plenty of other stuff to be cracking on with!! I got my refurbished radiator back the other day. I was disappointed with the finish as they'd basically just tidied up and sprayed the frame and it was very pitted and tatty. That was what I'd asked for but I didn't think it was that bad. Anyway, I've sent it back for them to fit a new stainless steel frame. In the meantime, I've ordered a much better quality spring compressor, so the other side should be an easier job.
  9. Thanks for the info', I'll definitely be careful with the brake line. Just need to separate the front hubs from the disks now. I forgot that was a job I gave up on...... something to look forward to!!
  10. Managed to find some other images on line. It actually looks right. I just don’t ever remember noticing that the bottom arm leaned on the chassis. That’s going to chip the paint every time I lift it. Anyway, I’m just excited to see bits finally going back on!
  11. As I thought, when I unloaded the spring, the whole thing just seemed to over extend so the top arm touched the spring and the bottom arm touched the chassis. Can't be right, surely.
  12. I can but it lifts the car well before the spring compresses much. i need extra weight or perhaps heavy duty ratchet straps under the jack
  13. Yes, that's the problem I'm having. With no engine and other bits, it's very light. The spring compressors clearly aren't correct for the job, so I'll have to weight up the car and compress the spring from underneath before I remove them. Thanks for your help.
  14. Once I unload the spring, the bottom arm will push down against the chassis plate, or will the top arm stop it?
  15. Could someone please update my record? I'm still down as owing Sport 350 no. 32 (row 649), which I sold to Mike Sekinger My current Esprit: Daniel Waugh S2 1979 7904/0725G Lemon Yellow Black / Marcasite interior Lancashire UK fanks
  16. Buzzweld rust encapsulator followed by Chassis in One applied with a schutz gun for texture.
  17. Pete at PNM is incredibly knowledgeable about these engines and has done a complete rebuild on mine. i Was more than happy with the cost and the quality of work as I visited a few times while it was being done. i was pondering doing it myself as I’ve built a few engines over the years, but I’m so glad I didn’t as I wouldn’t have been nearly as thorough.
  18. I’m planning on it, but it all depends if I can get mine back together in time. The next couple of months will decide.
  19. I've replaced both the main cooling pipes and the heater pipes which run through the chassis. They all pulled out through the front once I'd removed the radiator. I also replaced the little plastic shrouds which hold them tight within the holes at both ends.
  20. I’ve just bought a house in Spain and the fluctuations cost me the price of a shiny new Motorbike...... First world problems, I know, but I’ve been carefully following the rate as I now have a Spanish account and Spanish mortgage with my only income from my UK business. The rate is currently intrinsically linked to Brexit with lows occurring any time a risk of no deal is considered likely and spikes whenever the concept of a second referendum is aired. I’m not sure why the outrage, the article is factually correct and the case study is just a demonstration of how some people are affected......... I wanted a f*cking Ducati!!!!!! Dagnamit
  21. I normally fit the usual Jubilee type clip using 12mm A2 stainless band but I was wondering if anyone used, or advocated the use of alternatives such as the crimp type? thoughts?
  22. Absolutely. Crate it up and send it off. Meanwhile your guy can be busying himself with making sure the cooling system is flushed and clean and your car is ready to receive its fresh reliable unit. I’d ditch the ECU for a stock unit personally too.
  23. This sounds very much like the mechanic getting his excuses in early for an inevitable failure, after which he can blame Lotus and tell you he told you so. Having blown up a V8 following some previous owner shenanigans I’m Sympathetic to your story but I agree with others on this: take it to an engine builder with experience of these engines. I've just had my fairly simple 907 N/A 4 pot rebuilt by one of the more recognised specialists out there and it didn’t cost the earth, but I know it’s right.
  24. Time to rebuild those carbs....... bets being taken on how many bits are left over at the end........
  25. I've had an S4, a Sport 350 and my current S2..... and not surprisingly I loved them all. The Sport 350 was special but I do think the V8 is just too much for that chassis, the car suits a revvy 4cyl engine and the S4 was brilliant. The S2 is my favourite to drive as it's just such a raw driving experience and because the engine isn't over powerful, you really do get that sense of accomplishment driving to what feels like its limits without hitting silly speeds. The SM gearbox is infinitely better to use than the Renault one. Looks wise, a toss up between the S2 and the last of the V8's or possibly the Sport 300. The S2 looked better than the S1 with the minor mod's such as the front valance and the 'ears'. I also think I prefer the black sills (although I may change my mind on that next week). What makes the S2 for me though is the wheels, the purpose made Speedlines are just so much better than the generic looking Wolfrace wheels. The Sport 300 and the later V8's just look so aggressive and 'supercar'. Owning, for me again it's the S2...... it's a 70's sports car with simple engineering and I can tinker with it, and that's part of the joy of ownership. It's also still rare and special. I could also tinker with my S4, but less so and the Sport 350 and V8's are genuine super cars which, for me, need specialist servicing.
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