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  1. Daniel

    S2 For Sale

    Opted for a complete rebuild to standard spec with brake and suspension upgrades.
  2. Daniel

    S2 For Sale

    I bought mine from them 4 years ago. Funds were quite tight at the time and I had a car I had finance on I needed them to trade me out of and settle the finance. I remember them being pretty decent to deal with and fairly flexible and in the end we did the deal. They currently have a Sport 350 in I'm pondering over.
  3. Did you apply for planning permission for ancillary accommodation i.e. incidental to the enjoyment of the main dwelling house? Did you look in to your permitted development rights first? The issues you mention seem more like Building Regulation issues rather than planning...... they're separate.
  4. At planning level it's not so much corruption, more that it's a flawed system that works in principle, although for smaller developments it can come down to personalities, so it's always helpful to be nice to these people..... frustratingly. A planning officer's job is to assess, with the help of various experts (ecologists, arboriculturalists, conservation, highways etc) how an application measures up to local and national policy. They weigh up the pro's and con's and make a balanced recommendation which either goes to get directly signed off or goes to committee. Higher up is where the influence can be a little broader. Developers can influence local politicians, councillors and planning heads on such matters as pressuring them to adapt policy to their needs..... this may be perfectly innocent and correct insofar as a housing developer may suggest an area of open countryside is designated as development land in order to help the council meet it's housing quota, or a supermarket may suggest a piece of former marshland next to an A road be designated due to the number of jobs it will bring to the area, the council's job in that case is to weigh up the benefits against the perceived harm and make an informed and balanced decision............ of course it may be more sinister, and if brown envelopes exchange hands, then it's at this level that will happen. Developers are, as you'd expect, ruthless....... if there's a protected tree or a barn with nesting bats on a site they want to develop, it has been known for random acts of vandalism to take place. Thereafter it's the usual case of likelihood of prosecution and developers have learned to cover their tracks (assuming they're guilty of instigating the vandalism of course). What people don't realise is that local residents have considerable power. As Barry has proven, it's a matter of how much people care and their individual or collective tenacity. A group of local residents lobbying their parish council or local MP can sway things considerably. A private resident with a small development who feels hard done by shouldn't sit back and accept a decision if they feel that it's inconsistent with other approved developments or policy...... mistakes get made, and, frankly, a lot of planners just aren't very good at their job. Clients look to me all the time to rationalise and justify the system....... it's impossible.
  5. Daniel

    Bird problem
  6. Which ever one of your options serves your interests the best whilst appearing professional and does not burn any bridges, is the right thing to do.
  7. Common trick used by planners to bounce applications if they’re struggling to determine within the statutory period. It might just be workload management rather than something personal..... still frustrating though. bite lip, provide the information they request and you should bag an approval...... under no circumstances appeal the previous decison, no matter how confident you are.
  8. I pulled in at the first services, parked miles from everyone and just walked around admiring the car from all angles........ then I did that at every motorway service all the way home...... Did exactly the same with all of my Esprit's...... I've had 3 and they were miles away so collection was a long day
  9. I put the PNM Avo shocks and Bilstien springs on my Sport 350. Can't comment on the difference over standard as my existing shocks were gone, but I did a couple of track days, a couple of ring trips and plenty of road miles on them and found that they coped really well. From memory there is damping adjustment.
  10. The fact he scored 'normal' in the cognitive test puts one thing to bed at least........ He's not mental...... he genuinely IS a f****** c***
  11. hmmmm...... I'll need to have a long think about this..... 'kin...... YES!!!!
  12. Football and boxing are both passions. Boxed a little at a club in my youth and played football at a decent level until injury called a halt. Went to a Rugby school where we also played a lot of Cricket and Tennis. Decent athlete, 200m inter-school champ and was also an inter-school champ at swimming. Raced motorbikes in my youth although I only really watch MotoGP. Car racing bores me silly. My Dad, Grandad and I used to play a lot of snooker..... 3 times a week for years. They were very good players but in all that time I never progressed..... if I managed a red and a colour it was a miracle. Enjoy watching it though. So, basically, I love sports. Season ticket holder at Burnley and go to as many boxing cards as possible. If it's a contact sport, I'll watch it. Darts does nothing for me...... oh and MMA just seems too brutal. I love boxing because it's the application of the combat within the rules which is the skill...... I don't see that with cage fighting.
  13. How much flogging was required to achieve that finish?......... Would one be required to provide tea and hobnobs, because that's a deal breaker?
  14. So with the engine and gearbox out and all suspension stripped off, I can now remove the rest of the hoses etc and place the loom out of the way so that I can give the chassis and engine bay a good clean and paint. The car is immobile in my garage so de-greasing and jet washing is out of the question. I was therefore just going to plonk myself in there for a day and get some decent de-greaser and a brush and have a tray to catch the mess. Obviously, advice on any better methods or short cuts would be greatly appreciated as would a recommendation on the best products to use. Finally, I'll give the areas of the chassis I can get to a good wire brushing with a view to painting. Can anyone recommend a decent matt product..... the POR stuff seems shiny. Thanks in advance sock cookers....
  15. Time to get this lot back in the car. Collected the rebuilt head and new liners, shells etc from PNM last week but having gone through my current workload I’ve decided to send it all back to him with the bottom end and he can rebuild it. I’ll concentrate on the chassis and brakes.......
  16. Very annoying. I’m sure your planning consultant will have your bases covered with national and local policy so good luck with the appeal.
  17. Unfortunately they’re not, they’re duty bound to determine the application in accordance with the development plan. It sounds like your refusal is policy based so if your proposal is for the demolition of former agricultural buildings (I’m summarising as I don’t know the details) then they may have considered that discussing it with you or your consultant prior to determination would not yield any positive outcomes. The NPPF is very much in favour of the pre-app process as a way of ironing out potential problems prior to formal submission as they now consider the 8 week determination period to be exactly that, a period for determination rather then negotiation. Disappointing and frustrating I know, but it’s becoming the norm, and getting hold of a planner during determination will become harder and harder. Did you not consider pre-app? Edit..... don’t appeal until you have the refusal notice. Firstly it might be pointless, but the refusal notice and the planning officer’s report is the only way you’ll know on what grounds it was refused, so you can’t put an appeal statement together without knowing why it was refused.
  18. I don't understand it........ why people get so het up about about what is, in essence, other people enjoying themselves and inflicting absolutely no harm on anyone. Surely if it winds you up, the only person suffering is you....... so....'kin..... stobbit!!!! I know most people only get wound up in a lighthearted fashion, but there are people (my business partner included); who genuinely become enraged that people have the audacity to put their lights up in November! Live and let live kids!!! Mine are going up next weekend but only because I'm doing some work on the house..... otherwise they would be up this weekend.
  19. Disappointing. I was there and it seemed a very good quality auction.
  20. Have you thought about a reputable classic car auction? They seem to attract enthusiasts and decent examples of any classic seem to do well.
  21. A chap working on my house sent me this image. Apparently it's of Colin Chapman and Ken Tyrell giving it bally-what-for. Difficult to say. Can anyone shed any light on it?
  22. Still got the little architectural practice in Cheshire which has just turned 16 years old...... can't believe my partner and I haven't killed each other yet!! We've been doing some really exciting work. We're currently finishing renovating and extending a house built for Henry Royce (CGI below) and we finished a huge new build country house with a display garage for our client's impressive car collection. Also, some of you may remember the horrific fire at Manchester Dogs' Home where nearly 50 poor dogs lost their lives? Well, we were selected to design the new home, which completed last month. I'll never be a millionaire but I'm very selective of the work I take on and have a very easy work life......... but by thunder it's been tough to get here.
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