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  1. I'm coming to the end of a full mechanical resto and the current running total is a shade over 9K with probably another 1K to go.

    I've done all of the work aside from the engine rebuild.

    If there's bodywork and interior work to do, it'll be comfortably 15-20K.


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  2. On 16/05/2020 at 17:35, mike_sekinger said:

    It takes a lot to bring me to my knees..... but I'm BROKEN !!!

    Preparing to apply the POR-15 Top Coat and while inspecting I was unhappy with some areas of the surface finish.  I challenged the coating and it just peeled off !

    I challenged a little more and honestly the adhesion was super-crap.  I followed the guidelines and did a pretty damn good job of preparing the chassis, so I don't know where it all went wrong.  The whole lot is coming off again...  I'm not impressed and now re-consider the whole paint coating route.


    I've used products from a company called Buzzweld. I'm really impressed with the finish.

  3. Nice one Pete. I was hoping that the ARB would pull it up. I'm just having that re-finished as I dropped it.

    Plenty of other stuff to be cracking on with!!

    I got my refurbished radiator back the other day. I was disappointed with the finish as they'd basically just tidied up and sprayed the frame and it was very pitted and tatty. That was what I'd asked for but I didn't think it was that bad. Anyway, I've sent it back for them to fit a new stainless steel frame.

    In the meantime, I've ordered a much better quality spring compressor, so the other side should be an easier job.

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  4. 1 hour ago, C43 said:

    looks nice. Mine was the same. My chassis has been "tweaked" to give a bit more clearance.

    BTW my anti roll bar. did hit my steering arm on full droop but I think it was because I had it fitted upside down. Now the ARB is the correct way around its fine.

    With the Willwood callipers make sure the brake line can't rub on the upright. 



    Thanks for the info', I'll definitely be careful with the brake line.

    Just need to separate the front hubs from the disks now. I forgot that was a job I gave up on...... something to look forward to!!

  5. Could someone please update my record?

    I'm still down as owing Sport 350 no. 32 (row 649), which I sold to Mike Sekinger

    My current Esprit:
    Daniel Waugh
    Lemon Yellow
    Black / Marcasite interior
    Lancashire UK


  6. Pete at PNM is incredibly knowledgeable about these engines and has done a complete rebuild on mine.

    i Was more than happy with the cost and the quality of work as I visited a few times while it was being done.

    i was pondering doing it myself as I’ve built a few engines over the years, but I’m so glad I didn’t as I wouldn’t have been nearly as thorough.

  7. I’ve just bought a house in Spain and the fluctuations cost me the price of a shiny new Motorbike......

    First world problems, I know, but I’ve been carefully following the rate as I now have a Spanish account and Spanish mortgage with my only income from my UK business.

    The rate is currently intrinsically linked to Brexit with lows occurring any time a risk of no deal is considered likely and spikes whenever the concept of a second referendum is aired.

    I’m not sure why the outrage, the article is factually correct and the case study is just a demonstration of how some people are affected.........

    I wanted a f*cking Ducati!!!!!! Dagnamit 

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  8. Absolutely. Crate it up and send it off. Meanwhile your guy can be busying himself with making sure the cooling system is flushed and clean and your car is ready to receive its fresh reliable unit.

    I’d ditch the ECU for a stock unit personally too.

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