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  1. Finally got the car back after a two year rebuild, now poor and penniless, But very happy.

    New turbos, Rebuild engine using forged pistons, Last Bell gearbox, Last Lotus uprated springs/dampers, New enlarged AP disks and calipers all round, Sandblasted/ powder-coated all removable bits (It's no longer a shed underneath!) All new radiators, New twin plate clutch, new hosing throughout, new AC pump. New sports cats and exhaust. new windshield.

    Had the car remapped.... OMG




  2. Hi Bibs Steve's taking her in on Monday, so I wont know till he reports back to me. If its Mr Bells Box then I gotta buy a new one from GTO Reading and that means maybe in time for Christmas. as soon as I know I'll post. Mark
  3. Hi All, Again l-o-n-g time since my last post are you still looking for a 03 car ? If I get her back from SWlotus in time count me in. -------------------------------- I've had a VERY miserable two years with my baby 20k on the clock and in the last 4K Head Gaskets Liners Head skimed virtually every bolt-on (ie water pump / air con / Alternator / ect) Gearbox in & out twice Timing belt done twice 2 Cams 3 Exhausts 2 Cats 2 rear bumpers 1 respray 1 flywheel 1 clutch and to top it of the new clutch fitted 4K miles ago is shaged as is Derek Bells gearbox and s
  4. SCCDB08202HC10458 2003 V8 (May) Mark Sweetland Princes Risborough, Bucks, England. Black / Black/Silver internal Loads of extras and performance parts (Cars been at Hethel since late Jan having few more pounds spent on her) hope to be back in the fold soon
  5. Hi Will, Just orderd a new set of cats from Larini (
  6. Hi All, Very long time since I logged on, been busy with life ect. bigsi, I might be able to make sunday, long way to come tho (Bucks) If I make it, I'll bring my 03 Regards Mark
  7. Alex, Very sorry to hear of your accident, Glad your ok. I know exectly what your going though, having witten off a 52 plate V8 last October in idential conditions. 45/50 mph, motorway, wet road, straight line, and very slightly too much accelerator. I had every intention of going to the factory meeting but having read the weather forecast for the day I chickened out when I knew there was going to be I high probability of driving home in heavy rain. I no longer do Esprit/wet/motorway! My wife found my replacment within 24 hours on LEW, luckily the guy was in no rush to sell as
  8. 91&92 1 - Mark Sweetland 2 - Yes 2003 V8 3 - Yes - Susan 4 - About To do that 1 night 5 - no 6 - Yes 7 - Probably 8 - Nr high Wycombe
  9. Nope, this was taken from your normal white Ford Connect van, normally they park at a distance of 150/200mt from their target. These vans continually record everything coming down the road (or away from u) on Hard Disc. If the laser detects you speeding it automatically puts a marker, in this case an asterisk on those video frames. At the end of the day the disc is searched for these makers, and those frames printed, at this point a human decides whether to prosecute or not. Wiltshire prosecutes the most, it has a 0% tolerance. My wife got 3 point for doing 56Mph on a 50Mph
  10. So you noticed that the front spoiler was touching the ground. All I can say is that AP do make exceedingly good brakes Mark
  11. Expensive picture this one, got one better ?
  12. well it would be .... it's just that there wasn't one fitted Mark
  13. Kato, The full story is here Mark
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