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  1. That's beautiful. What's the Lotus paint code?
  2. mperez225


  3. Bibs, How much for an indoor cover for my 2003.5 Esprit V8 Final Edition? I would like the cover in Black with Yellow piping and the full color Lotus logo on the front. I also do not want the security pack (no holes/buttons on the sides), I am located in Georgia, USA. Regards, Manny
  4. Glyn, Here is the Citroen Part Number (C-95647738). Citroen stopped making them several years ago. The Citroen part is very difficult to find. TVR also used the same part and here is the part number (U0649). There are a few TVR parts suppliers that actually still have new stock. I ordered some this week from here http://www.clever-tr...i|/Chimaera.htm Regards, Manny
  5. I just ordered 2 from here: Regards, Manny
  6. How do I get pricing information on some of the CF parts? I sent PNM an email over 1 week ago and no response. Regards, Manny
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