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  1. Ok thanks very much for the info Daz - so its not a quick one for one exchange like I was hoping I'll look into leaks first and then changing turbos. Does anyone know whether the turbo from a Saab 99 is the same as the one on the G-Esprits??
  2. Thanks john - to be honest I'm not sure where it is coming out - I have a couple of very friendly mechanics who are looking after a few things on my car at the moment and - in changing a couple of exhaust pipes have told me that the turbo is 'pi55ing out oil and needs replacement'. I was led to believe that oil was coming from the turbo housing. I am still almost tempted to change the whole thing if I can find a turbo with integral waste-gate as I have had my current one seize three times - however I'll get back to them to see from where the oil is emanating and possibly look at a repair
  3. Hi I have an '87 Turbo HC and my turbo is leaking oil and looks like it needs replacing. I have looked at a few options and have questions for anyone in the know. My options are: a) Buy a new turbo - If I took this option is the Garrett T3 a standard turbo or would I need one specifically for an 87 Esprit??? Anyone know of inexpensive suppliers? B) Recondition my current one. Apparantly cheaper - albeit with postal costs and turn-round times - again, anyone have a recommended company that can do this? c) Fit a non- standard turbo with integral wastegate. This is my preferre
  4. I'm now flying big green helicopters at a secret airbase in the depths of the Oxfordshire countryside (when I'm not at a top-secret airbase in the depths of the Iraqi countryside!!) - so hopefully I'm not the one buzzing your house too much!!!! Hey - the price of freedom!!!!
  5. One of my flying instructors at a secret military base near Shrewsbury was "Richard Head". No one ever called him Dick though........
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