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  1. Ok thanks very much for the info Daz - so its not a quick one for one exchange like I was hoping I'll look into leaks first and then changing turbos. Does anyone know whether the turbo from a Saab 99 is the same as the one on the G-Esprits??
  2. Thanks john - to be honest I'm not sure where it is coming out - I have a couple of very friendly mechanics who are looking after a few things on my car at the moment and - in changing a couple of exhaust pipes have told me that the turbo is 'pi55ing out oil and needs replacement'. I was led to believe that oil was coming from the turbo housing. I am still almost tempted to change the whole thing if I can find a turbo with integral waste-gate as I have had my current one seize three times - however I'll get back to them to see from where the oil is emanating and possibly look at a repair on the turbo in place.... Thanks again. James
  3. Hi I have an '87 Turbo HC and my turbo is leaking oil and looks like it needs replacing. I have looked at a few options and have questions for anyone in the know. My options are: a) Buy a new turbo - If I took this option is the Garrett T3 a standard turbo or would I need one specifically for an 87 Esprit??? Anyone know of inexpensive suppliers? B) Recondition my current one. Apparantly cheaper - albeit with postal costs and turn-round times - again, anyone have a recommended company that can do this? c) Fit a non- standard turbo with integral wastegate. This is my preferred option as I have had problems with a siezed wastegate and would be interested in leaving this to remain siezed and have the wastegate on the turbo. Has anyone done this? Does it require much modification, is it expensive and what turbo's would be suitable??? (Suppliers??) Thanks very much in anticipation CK
  4. I'm now flying big green helicopters at a secret airbase in the depths of the Oxfordshire countryside (when I'm not at a top-secret airbase in the depths of the Iraqi countryside!!) - so hopefully I'm not the one buzzing your house too much!!!! Hey - the price of freedom!!!!
  5. One of my flying instructors at a secret military base near Shrewsbury was "Richard Head". No one ever called him Dick though........
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