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  1. So the fix for your headgasket problem was the serrated o-rings?
  2. Here's mine with V8 shocks/springs and 275/35/18 rear with std V8 front size, unladen.
  3. Thanks,they really do fill out the wheelwells nicely now. I think it'll be a while before I am sick of them!
  4. I believe I have the same issues. Your yellow ABS light blinks or goes on continuous? Mine blinks. Basically when I bleed my system, the ABS light goes away for a week or two...or maybe starts blinking but goes away when I start the car again. Then over the course of the next couple of weeks it starts blinking more often until it starts blinking from the first time I touch the brakes. Then I can bleed the system and the same cycle starts over. I think I am going to replace the ABS system with the system from an early V8. This will get rid of the ABS, but I'm sick and tired of the light...and I can't use good brake fluid since I keep having to bleed the system.
  5. When I took my alternator into Auto Zone to have them check it, it screamed on their test machine. My guess is that they didn't have the correct spacing for my pulley or something similar. Interestingly it passed the test...I expected to put back into my car and have it fail since I thought they ruined the bearings, but it's working fine.
  6. My worm drive gear fit right on my Quaife LSD no problem with the snap ring in my '93.5, did it last winter. Ah nevermind, mine wasn't from GTO.
  7. Very cool and good idea...I never use that pocket anyways. I could see myself putting my elbow through the speaker though.
  8. Do you have a pic/drawing of the alpine gearchange? What parts did you change in your gear change?
  9. not sure if this would forward one got a bit mangled when I pulled my engine out engine bay
  10. Thanks that's probably it. I guess the person isn't responding because they don't want to.
  11. Hi all. I would like to get some high quality rubber on one of my sets of wheels for track days in my '93.5 Esprit. I have a set of the stock revolution wheels(US only?) F-215/50 ZR 15" R-245/50 ZR 16", a set of S4 wheels F-215/40 ZR 17" R-245/45 ZR 17", and a set of V8 AWI F-235/40 ZR 17" R-285/35 ZR 18". Looking at tirerack there are Hoosier R-comps in sizes close to the revolution original tire size at Front: 225/50ZR15 and Rear: 255/50ZR16. I can also get Kumho R-comps in the original 17" S4 size. My brake size is stock on my car with the TMC brakes but I have '01 V8 shocks/springs fitted with rest of the suspension being stock. I have a Quaife LSD, WCEngineering turbo and supporting mods, so I've got a little more HP than stock. I was hoping that the smaller wheels would be easier on the brakes, but I am not sure how the tire size and weight balance of the tire vs. a bigger rim works out. In addition I don't know how a R-comp with a higher aspect ratio would compare to one with a lower aspect ratio, not to mention the width difference. Am I simply better off going with the biggest rims/tires I can fit? In this case it would be the V8 wheels with some sticky tires. Anyone have opinions/comments on what to go with? Thanks!
  12. I can't seem to send PM's. When I send one and goto my sent folder there is nothing shown. Any ideas?
  13. These are plug n play? What did you do with the brights?
  14. does someone in the US have a cross reference for the blanking cap?
  15. your car's a monster! way to represent Lotus!
  16. Hi Tim. Here are some random thoughts from my experience of Esprit ownership. If you are looking to buy one to drive regularly right away I would try to find one(a 4 cylinder) that has all the bugs sorted out and pay ~$30k for it. If you prefer the styling of the S4 and power steering then get one, otherwise the SE's will perform the same and cost less, although will be that much older(more initial maintenance likely) and not have power steering. You won't want the Esprit to be your only car either. If you end up buying one for ~$20k you will probably spend 1 or 2 years working out all the little bugs. Here are some things to look for on a non-sorted car: A/C not working(prob required in SOCAL), ABS light on or blinking, one or more headlights not lifting, rusted fuel tanks, suspension shot(poor ride over bumps, car balance upset), new clutch needed(clutch slipping, there are tests you can run on the test drive), and gauges not working. Make sure the radiator fans come on when the temp gauge gets to around 90. When looking at a used car, check out for neglect. Look at the coolant...does it look old or it the right mixture(50/50). Look in the header tank, if it's a metal header tank, are there rust or scales in the tank? Checking the oil probably won't tell you much, since most sellers change the oil before they sell a car. But the coolant is more of a pain to change on the Esprit. Only when you drive a Esprit that is in good working order will you see what everyone means that you have to drive one to understand. The cars are certainly not a bottomless money pit, but the bottom the pit can be hard to see at times.
  17. Awesome, do you have any more pictures? Did he do the swap himself?
  18. Chandra, I had a couple of indications that my shock was bad...but like you I wasn't sure until I took it all apart and inspected, since not everyone has an esprit that you can jump in and check how it rides. What I noticed was 1) when I took a long right hand sweeping turn at high speed and hit a small bump during, then the car would fight back and I'd have to correct the direction of the car...basically the whole car got upset...steering wheel shake at a bump is normal, but unless the bumps are really large the whole car balance should not be upset and 2) when I would hit very large bumps the front end would float, as if it was riding on a spring and not being dampened by the shock, and it felt like my car was going to come apart, so much so that I couldn't bear to drive it anymore.
  19. Well in the 4 days I've been driving the car after bleeding the master cylinder and clearing the codes the ABS light has only come on once, and it went off on it's own before the next drive cycle. I got a code 62 only. The accumulator is brand new. I've since found out my alternator is about to give up the ghost(it's showing around 11.9V to the ECU when idling) so I think this could be part of the problem. I am going to replace the alternator and see if I have any other issues and then troubleshoot from there. Thanks for the help all!
  20. If you want something similar that can tow, maybe you can get your hands on a Chevy Trailblazer SS...they are faster and get better mileage. They can pull ~6k lbs.
  21. IMO it's not a good idea to go through a carwash with an esprit and especially one that does an underbody flush. Check to see if your fuel tanks are rusting by looking through the access hole on the right side underneath, there is a drain bolt on the bottom of the tank. Does your car have the removable panel mounted under the engine? Regarding water getting in, there are many connectors around the engine that could have loose gaskets and there are the coil packs mounted below the airbox that could have loose connections or allow water to interfere. You could probably try pulling them out/putting them back one at a time and look for water or evidence of corrosion.
  22. I just threw on a used V8 suspension. It feels great, but my original suspension was obviously least 1 or more of the shocks were blown. So FYI if you are looking for something cheap/quick you can probably find a used V8 setup.
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