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  1. Great thanks for the info. I haven't switched to LED, but I have replaced the 3rd brake light bulbs with newer ones. The codes were A062 and A056, but I didn't clear them from previous drive cycles so I'm not sure they both were set this time. I rebled tonight and I started by bleeding the master cylinder body. A decent amount of air seemed to come out of the right side pipe nut so I am hoping that was the issue. There were also a couple of large bubbles that came out of the left front caliper bleed screw. Would I be able to tell if there were internal hydraulic leaks? When I press down the brake pedal I get a squishy sound coming from the master cylinder area...almost like there is an internal leak...but maybe that sound is normal.
  2. OK I will try the manual procedure again. My ABS light came on solid was fine for around 40 miles since bleed and then it came on, I think there is some air in the system. Yes I was able to borrow a tech 1 with abs cartridge. The codes indicate brake sw/accumulator or hydraulic leak, but the accumulator is new and there is no leak. It might be my brake switch as well so I will check that.
  3. No specific issue quite yet, I just bled my brakes manually last night after replacing the front calipers/rotors/pads and pads only in back. My pedal is a bit soft today so I will try bleeding again. Maybe I will try using the tech 1.
  4. Thanks I did see the only thing the tech 1 used for is to bleed the master cylinder isolation valves and booster? The page refers to "(or use the
  5. I saw this one while browsing summit, looks like it might fit:
  6. Does anyone have the tech 1 bleeding procedure for the delco ABS system?
  7. can you get redline MT-90? that is considered to be a good substitute for the castrol, which is hard to get in the US
  8. get it done already, I haven't ridden in your car in ages!
  9. On a similar note, does anyone's speedometer lag the acceleration of their car? Is this normal or does my speedometer need to be rebuilt? I can be done accelerating and it takes the speedometer a few seconds to catch up to my speed.
  10. anyone on this board have the red 4 cyl('88?) in downtown libertyville, il tonight 6/30 around 6pm? car looked great! saw you parked behind the destination was Morgan's pub
  11. here's the best pic I have, it's large so you can zoom in...bent mine slightly when removing my engine
  12. those really do look excellent Alessandro...did you attach an extra piece on on the front lower molding behind the flap portion?
  13. great pics! how did your brakes perform/hold up? did you notice a difference in accel/braking with the monoblocs?
  14. wow you're there already, it a prize at the slot machines?
  15. I will be there, going to see Journey in concert on March 8.
  16. By the way, how do the lamps snap into place? The left side lamp on my car is loose and I can't figure out how it snaps in...perhaps because I can't see in there! Is it just a friction fit or a push and turn or ?
  17. wow looks excellent! what kind of wheels do you have?
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