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  1. Thanks for the welcome! Nah I was just caught in the daily grind and what not. You know how that can get. I tried to make it to the board as much as possible but, looking back, I realize that it wasn't very often at all. I apologize if I missed anything important or any meets in the CA area. The car was fixed but, seeing that I had a bit of down time, I decided to embark on a few other small projects and its back off the road again. Hopefully I can get that sorted soon since I think I'm going back next year for a third degree. Since that was a bit off topic, you guys think there is anything we can do to help lotus buy into the idea for these suspension pieces? I'm dying to get some high quality stuff for the S2... Shah
  2. I appologize since I think I am partially to blame as to the lack of replies. Recent job promotions, grad school work, and a long distance relationship have kept me from the board. That being said, I am more than interested in purchasing such a setup for my S2. I am even willing to place a deposit or prepay in order to receive a factory Lotus-tuned setup. This is a unique opportunity for the ultimate suspension for our beloved cars and I can't imagine having it pass up. If there is anything I can do to better the chances, please let me know
  3. interesting idea... let us know what you find out... Shah
  4. ahhhh i love gcars.... so beautiful... Shah
  5. hope this isnt a repost... watch from a minute afterwards... Shah
  6. great looking dog wayne and everyone else. here is mine, her name is Roya. shes a chow mix and pretty much the best dog anyone could ever imagine... here is a pic of her acting depressed... Shah
  7. umm... not too exciting... 1989 Isuzu Impulse Turbo (haha - "Handling by Lotus") 1993 Honda Civic Hatchback VX (gutted and fully modified - 1.8 liter LS/VTEC fully built motor) 1989 Nissan 240SX (cage, CA18DET, upgraded turbo, more parts than I care to list) 1972 Volkswagon Super Beetle 1996 Honda Prelude 2001 Toyota Camry (daily driver) 1979 Lotus Esprit S2 (my love) and looking for more toys, im thinking building a Norton 750cc racer and possibly getting an older Trans Am, Caddy convertable, classic Merc, or 911 to play around with... Shah
  8. haha yeah i dont mind. i happen to like the delorean. but i have a thing for rare and unique cars so its right up my alley... shah
  9. More like the Delorean looks like our cars... I get that a lot for mine too due to the silver so i understand where ur coming from fish... Shah
  10. shah.selbe at point me to that other thread... *sorry for that last jack* Shah
  11. this is an incredible thread Shah
  12. yeah and as you know gonzalo im in santa monica and open to meets... hopefully the S2 is up to par by then... [email protected] shah
  13. how was the final CC? did you take a lot of pics? any other esprits/loti showed up? Shah
  14. I have been buried in work and grad school. they promoted me and now i cant seem to find much free time. i would love to make it to the last CC but I cant drive my car. i started some work on it and wont be able to finish by tomorrow... is your passenger seat open? hehe Shah
  15. Hey great videos Gonzalo. Car looks great. i remember how hard it pulls from when you took me for a spin at the South Bay Lotus meet. i wish my g-car had the same acceleration... Shah
  16. Great pics! Looks like you guys had an amazing time. I wish that I could have attended and seen all those beautiful Esprits together Post more if you got them to help us distant people get a better feel! Shah
  17. great work... look forward to see more... shah
  18. personally? not a replica if budget allows... if it doesnt, replica with a built ferrari motor... Shah
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