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  1. Ok So if you are new to the Sport 350 ownership with these fantastic cars approximately 85 kg lighter than a normal UK car Welcome , if like me you still have yours that's Brilliant. Well guys I don't come out to play as one would have said as a young lad, meaning now I'm the opposite end of young as in Old Fart. So it's the first time back on these pages for a long time. Please confirm that You Own one of these cars again now !... Here now ! & also my dedicated address is ....... [email protected] and questions etc. In the UK now there is roughly 15 cars left of which 7/8 are road worthy, mine is Mot's/insured but, the body is a bit naf so can't really drive it properly now. that is a 19 year spoilt love affair. I have maintained my own car since the warranty ran out in 2003, so I guess (hope) I know a bit about the way they were built and how to do jobs. Some hard facts. 55 cars built (00 included was the development car) 8 USA 8 Japan. 2/3 in Europe. ( I ran the registry for the factory for Brian Angus) from memory now there are 3 cars in New Zealand and 2 in Australia (Melbourne & Sydney). regards Rob
  2. hello, I know all about what your saying, even Alex had a similar story to tell, ok I've been building cars are my life.(long life) One does need to understand how these fantastic flat plane engines work. My own Esprit story started with a 97 (98) year a Sport 350.... Six Speed gearbox. Just wanted to say, in the end you will love the car, the photo looks fab. ps done roughly 60k miles in these fab V8's all together, Super Unleaded. Jay from JAE is a great bloke and very very helpful, dealt with him since around 2005/6.. they have custom parts you can't buy now. Lastly I don't get on the forum very often, although I was in at the start before Bibs went on to grow to all things Lotus .regards Rob
  3. Well guys old and new, I ran the ownership registry with the factory for many years, owned my car since 2001 and I still have no 26 in Monaco car. 6 speed 500bhp (I built the car like it is now) Ok why now, well why not, getting our limited edition cars together has to be a good idea, or at least you the owners can meet greet and maybe get a good reason why or how to get your cars made legal once again with help via the registry and each other I think a very good idea back. Fact at this time there is 8 cars legal on the road of a total of 15 left in the UK. I will be at Castle Combe for club lotus day on Saturday may 25th You can contact me via this new email address [email protected]
  4. I now wonder How many V8 owners have had or do have any problems with there cars Heater, The info about that Water Pump was brought about because my heater had stopped working. I spent a lot of time looking at my car, that meant removing each seat in turn and actually lying on the floor with a torch and finding out where all the Parts were located, NOT EASY. So having done all of that and noting where the Vacuum operated Recirc Valve, was, which I removed and tested, because I could. and inside the boot behind the Power Steering Reservoir the Vacuum Tank and ONE Solenoid Valve ( Which was DUFF) replaced with one from a Vauxhall Astra 1.7turbo Diesel (boost controller). So Note Guys, I have all the data now in my PC on the Heater, which is Not in the manual.
  5. Think you will find that its normal sensor that brings in the Cooling fans. On that subject My car has an override switch to manually switch the fans on with a warning light. Note the take off point in the wiring is an negative Wire not a live.. look at the AirCon Drawings tip 2 use the unused Fuel Filler flap to trickle charge the battery
  6. Ok if your an avid V8 owner new or old, this tip may give you at least peace of mind. I'e run V8 Lotus Esprit's, longer than most I guess, 1998 and running. I wonder how many owners, Know there is an Electric Water pump on the car ! its mounted N/S Rear outside the chassis main frame, its purpose is to cool the engine, if for any reason at Rest the car has been parked Red Hot. It's to protect this very special 918 Flat Plane Crank Engine from Damage. Note the Engine Temp will rise even Higher after it's switched off With latent Heat....(ALL ENGINES)..... before they cool down. How this system works is not why I'm writing this ( my back ground was an Auto Electrician) But this pump may never have run or has not had to run, the problem is How do You the "Owner" know its in working Order ? Note IGN Key not in the Socket INFO Workshop Manual (or hand book ) section ML pages 14/15. Rear Relay box. Remove cover and the "A" relay......will easy just pull Out. Look at the Relay drawing on its side. it shows 5 contact's, Noting Terminal's 30 and 87 ! On the relay Pin base note where the spade 30 *&87 terminals are. Now Looking at the Cars Main Relay Base and that relay you have in your hand, you should be able to Note the 5 Pin slots..... make a note of the positions of No 30 & 87 in the Relay Base. What you need is about 5cm piece of wire, the actual wire thickness about 3-4mm thick for safety, Fit on Two Spade Terminals.(halfords) ( To attach you could just squash the crimped end on with a pair of plies, No Bare Wire ) showing !!!) Take the wire and push one end into the relay base Slot at 30 or 87, gently contact, with other pin onto the other terminal Slot. if your pump is ok it will run smooth and not very Loud. fit the pin in properly let it run maybe 30 seconds, if the pump does not run. check the fuse, the data is on same page, retest. If its very noisy or does not work, you should consider who needs to look at the pump to fix it. (then remove the test wire, refit relay and the cover) I've owned my SPT 350 for 17 Years, the test was normal ran like a watch. Those looking below will note my battery Isolation Switch. Also the inline 10A fuse, that is the protection fuse for the Power Socket inside the Unused Fuel Filler Door. For Trickle charging. Very Important advice....... Make sure you have good clean Anti Freeze in the system, Have a good Look at Yours ? Please Note Only do this if you feel competent , if not ask some one, who Is. I've been working on cars all my my working life All these words of wisdom came about from my Heating fault and having a conversation with Peter from PNM, Good friend for many years. Very Gifted man.
  7. Hope I'm not sounding to big headed here, but having spent 9 years creating my version of what the Sport 350 could have been. Here is my 5p worth 6 speed dog box, lsd of course geared for over 200 mph, inter-cooled & SBO valves, forged pistons, flowed, hybrid Turbo's, ecu done, 200 cell metal cats, custom silencer, apexi boost controller, the list goes on and on So turbo lag not really but at 3000, you have to be ready for a massive wave of trust that is with 18psi .. throttle response err yeah scary comes to mind, I just wish I was 20 years younger now. I WILL BE AT CASTLE COMBE FOR CLUB LOTUS DAY MAY 27TH, i HOPE AS MANY OF YOU GUYS CAN BE THERE,
  8. Hello Guys, it's been a long time since I posted on the forum about our model The "Sport 350" I wish and Hope you all see this and respond... please tell your SPT 350 pals I looked after the Sport 350 register for Lotus for many years. to my knowledge there was only16 cars left in the UK. that was about 8 years ago. I have had No 26 in Monaco White, since 2001. It's my wish that as many of you can attend the Club Lotus Day at Castle Combe race track on May 27th. I can arrange with Allan at Club Lotus an area for us the Sport 350 Owners, old and new. I also hope you guys have your cars valued guaranteed the right level now. I'm sure you all realise just how very rare, now. Non have come up for sale for a long time. Please make contact with [email protected] Ask any question about the model you like, happy to help . regards Rob C
  9. Hello Howard, I'm from across the Pond in the UK, like to think I know a bit about the V8, having owned 2 and looked after them for some 40k miles after the warranty periods. Just to put you at ease.. the 918 engine is a real gem of an Engine.. my own car is making a lot more than a stock unit.. I even have a very strong 6 speed gearbox. Most problems are caused by misuse / poor maintenance / lack of knowledge or understanding. The header tank has a float level switch to warn of water loss.. they do sludge up and will stop working which means the driver will not see the Light come on the dash panel. Ok your over heating water loss.. 1/ sound advice from Paul.. you must get the unit Compression tested. on all 8 pistons as he says. Make sure the throttle is wide open to allow air flow in.. etc. Paul has covered that well. Cranking : It can be done using the starter motor... my advice. look over the real wheel arch above battery you will find a white/red wire and its quick release connector.. unclip that wire. the core running up over the arch is the live core to dab on the live terminal after you extend it, in Neutral of course. a few turns each time for each Piston.. its easy enough. Note IGN Key in your Pocket !!! 2/ assuming the Comp test is OK. have you got the correct Radiator cap that actually seats on the inner flange inside the header tank. ? you do need one around 14 psi. 3/ to run for such a short time, you have either a massive Air Lock / No Triple Fans working / Thermostat Jammed shut / Header tank ( Not sealing the system to contain the water pressure and the temperature which is controlled by the fact its under pressure and should run around 85 * on the gauge.) / Water Pump there has been cases of Pump failure which can damage the casting behind the pump as well. Have to assume your drive belt is Not Slipping as its got a large casting Arm and a small pulley keeping that in check. Some thing blocking Water Flow apart from Thermostat or Pump ? Its not unusual to have issues when the coolant has been replaced... But when the engine, is then fired up first time, best keep the rad cap off and note the water flow coming back in from the Turbo's one can get a feel of what is going on by putting a finger into the water in the header tank as it warms up. (ps remove the red level tube inside the header tank briefly) Once its getting warm the engine its self on the Plenum will give you a clue, switch off and bleed, from Radiator and that top hose allen bolt. These engines do not normally have head gasket issue's, but they can suffer Liner seal failure which is Glue. Thermostat.. If the car is not used regular, they can jam shut, hence the temperature will get up to around 120*..very scary yes...switch off leave 10 minutes...use a plastic or rubber hammer tap the thermostat Housing a few times, that does fix that issue. its happened to me about 3-4 times, even though I'm driving regular... As my car is not normal, any time I may pull things apart. I've running / building V8 Powered Lotus cars since 1989 continuous. The 918 is very tuneable with the right bits it makes an amazing sound, that you would never imagine it could. Its the first time for my own car right now, Its what and how I built this latest exhaust with no Muffler as you guys say this time. Best Advice.. Do your research find a gifted Engine guy in your area... the rules are the same for all engines, its just the different layouts and what makes them perform. Write Down all you know and feel about the car to help the engineer with the issue's. Hope the words help some, do not loose faith The Lotus Esprit V8 is a brilliant car and they are well made and strong bar the gearbox.( which is a story on Its own) ... I have never been let down with the Esprit V8 since 1998 or had them brake down..... Excuse any spelling etc.. just trying to help. regards Rob
  10. Castle Combe Race Track Every year there is the Club Lotus Track Day and gathering, this year it's on May 24th a Saturday. I've been going since 1985 and only missed it 3 times. Having been on track in many Lotus cars and 3 of my own. It's a brilliant day out, in the past, one year there was 600 Lotus cars there. This Year I plan to be back on track for the second time in my toy of 12 years with my Sport 350, which all being well, will be ready in time as, once again It's been nose to the grind stone during the winter months with more upgrades. With a lot more than 350 bhp in any gear and a tough 6 speed gearbox it should be fun. ( hint ---- near on 70 mph in 1st gear ) So if any of you are interested getting in is free, track time with Club Lotus it's £95 which is very good value with only 12 cars on track at any time. In particular I would like to know how many Sport 350's will come out of the wood work !!! You can E mail me, the address is on my home page, I never seem to get time to be on the forum these days. always in the garage. tel 07976 609881
  11. Your right this switch is actually above the Oil Filter Casting and slightly higher up, when viewed from the gear box forward. the casting block that feeds the two Oil Coolers. I'm not sure if you can get to it with engine in place But.......... If you remove the oil filter to start with.... one push on wire connection. I do have a photo, but it's to big for the upload, my e mail is on my home page.
  12. Look up mine "damfastgang" I have so much lotus footage from inside my own car and also from Throckmorton, I filmed the guys making the film, in fact I think I captured more, my own car had a puncture on the day, I went up there with my pal in his Elise. What I need is time to upload more, I also have "damfastgang02" which has my last V8 chasing my pal Lee's "Countach"
  13. I did know where most of the 55 were... I have the Factory data that tells me the engine/ vin no /colour/ info. Fact is the factory allocated 50 plaque numbers, for the UK cars only. you could choose a number when you bought a car if it was still available. the USA cars are listed 1-8 the cars in japan have UK plaque numbers, which I know. So Lotus actually asked me to check the plaque numbers against the chassis/vin data which I have done. Lotus never kept a record at the time of who had what plaque number, I gave them the data a few years ago. Ok you have 16 Martin, that is vin 15744. please e mail me your reg, unless you prefer not to. I have most of the records from new, even the change of ownership. Chris you and I used to chat a good few years ago, your last car was a V8GT. not standard from memory. My car is a sound 500bhp any time, think last Dec was maybe around 540 in the cold. Warning to you guys thinking of going in my direction, it will brake things. Examle Radius Arm "Poly" mountings are very weak, I ripped a pair to bits in 4000 miles. Would advise buying the rubber ones from JAE in the USA. My AP clutch to most owners would seem messed up, its so dam heavy, which does not help my naf leg. 10 years ago now, I went air born from being hit by a car. that was big news back in 2004 on Yahoo. To be honest it was then in about 2006/7 the focus for me to get me back on track, Building cars and have some thing to do. Best part of my car is the 6 speed dog box, the 5 speed is naf in comparison, its geared for over 200 mph now......changing from 4th to 3rd, no clutch... 50 mm in a blink. deploying all the toque in any gear any time is so over whelming. From a 140 cruise in 6th gear it pushes you hard into the seat, my pal would verify that. Lastly the parts lots of wogga wogga, would I do it again, dam right. Grin Factor warp 10. PS who is DAVE (one Shot) ?
  14. I believe the new owner is called Andy, My friend Chris had a message saying you had bought his car. The telephone number given does not work.! I ran the sport 350 register for about 8 years, but the UK numbers are so low now, no one seems very interested any more. Any way I have No 26 in white and it's Bonkers Wild. . If you Andy or any other V8 owner is seeking advice or data/dna ref the Esprit V8/ Sport 350 then please mail me at [email protected] Having owned V8 Esprit's for some 15 years now and working on just about every part, uprating modifying etc .... my back ground is ex RAF (Autospark) . I would like to point out there was 55 cars built which includes No 00 which was the prototype. 8 cars were built for the USA market. 4 black 4 silver. One black car was Destroyed 4 cars were originally destined for Japan, which then became 8 cars, I believe all silver. At this time I believe there are only 15 Sport 350 models left in the UK. about 3 cars have been destroyed. Think it's now 2-3 cars that went to New Zealand one to Australia, the rest went to Europe. Colours...UK.... Two Monaco White customer cars. Three Metallic Black One plain Black ex factory cars and One Steel Blue ex factory car. The rest were all Silver. have a nice day.. Rob C
  15. WELL IT HAPPENED TO ME. Just to put you all in the picture. My Sport 350 is very modified including the ECM as Lotus call the magic box of tricks made by EFI. One day all is well the next No start Up... first clue No Fuel Pump sound .....priming the fuel rails. I was a qualified Auto Spark (now retired petrol head)......I spent many hours doing lots of tests and a good few actually making circuits come to life, with out the ECM connected. I have of course the work shop manual. I was then certain the ECM was at fault. I found out that Lotus them selves had been sending there ECM's to a company called "Blue Streak" in Nottingham. My ECM was Modified in 2005... by my friend Johan in the USA So I packed the unit off to them to have a look.... within a few hours from them receiving it, I had a call. The Unit would not talk... possible issue with my Two Modified Chips fitted on the board into 2 Empron sockets. They removed my chips and soldered them onto the board direct ... Still the Unit would not work, basically I was told every time they tried to enter the data it was unstable and kept changing. Bearing in mind last time I was in a technical class room was a long time ago, circuit boards then had print (copper tracks) on both sided of the insulating mica board. The Lotus EFI unit is also very old, but it Is Many layers deep of copper circuit tracks. this is the area that had Failed. I was left trying to find a Second hand ECM unit as Blue Streak had none. Two Salvage yards have two V8's, neither would sell the ECM as they wanted to sell the Engine/Box and ECM as one. They would have wanted serious money ! Blue Streak, Came to the Rescue... ringing me about a week later. They had managed to build me an ECM from parts they found gathering dust. This new ECM has the 2 chips soldered directly onto the Board with the Specific data from my old Chips. Out Standing Customer Service, I had the New & old unit within 12 hours from that call. even the postage cost was cheaper than the Po st office It was very good value for Money... I would recommend them 110%... Noting Modified as Well. with a 12 Month Warranty. Next week I will be out testing my Toy after many up dates, Should be at Castle Combe for Club Lotus Day 25th. Imagine what 18 PSI feels like, in First Gear. it did that, last cold December just for a moment, Scary Stuff
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