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  1. They might as well try, my mate is one of 5000 BT employees that have recently got their jotters........
  2. Selling petrol retail is a complete waste of time as the margins are non-existent. Only one third of the petrol stations that existed in 1970 still exist. Of those, the big oil companies either own directly or franchise the forecourt. The petrol sales are only used to get people in the shops, which are profitable. Also, since they have high cash flow many garages are simply fronts for money laundering operations. As for the supermarkets, like much of their products, petrol is a loss leader, and is again used to lure you into the store. Essentially, you feel happy as you are getting ripped o
  3. Just remember, you have money, the Government wants it, therefore we can expect more of the same in the future. YOU are the enemy. The Police are simply uniformed tax collectors/bailiffs. Get the proof before paying anything as the Police are likely to have lost it due to their institutional imcompetence. Smash the state and free the people, particularly the driving people.....
  4. Looked pretty stable approach until the gust shifted the aircraft off the centreline. A320 bit of a handful in a crosswind, that's why I like Boeing aircraft, although anything with a high wing is good. Doubt anyone got disciplined as that is the nature of weather, it always liable to turn round and bite you on the ass. Good recovery and excellent decision to go-around after departing the centre-line. Please note that unlike piston engines, high bypass turbo fans take a long time to spool up. As for having another go, why not, you have to get back on the ground and Western Europe was ver
  5. Replacing the cam-belt was one of the first things I had done, but that was in 2002, should be time for a new one by now. As for the smell of fuel, I always thought it could be related to the clear plastic breather line that connects both tanks, but then again, knowing the Esprit, it is probably one or both tanks, although I never did find a fuel leak. Plenty of oil leaks though. Don't know the weight of the engine, best of luck. Hope she gets back on the road soon. Stuart
  6. Sell the Bentley, keep the Lotus.........wish I still had mine, Esprit I mean.
  7. I know the feeling Kimbers, I hit the big 4-0 earlier this year too, bummer. On the bright side my back is still OK, unlike my brother's [and he is 4 years younger than me]. When I got my Esprit at the ripe young age of 34 people kept commenting on my "middle age crisis"...........what, are you kidding, it took till I was 34 before I could afford the insurance....... Cheap [or is it cheaper] insurance is one of the few benefits of getting older. Careful exercise and caution in the bedroom should ensure a reduction in back related problems..... Stuart
  8. Better order the "made in China" flags now. A classy adornment to any Esprit...... Stuart
  9. They were in Ice Blue and I remember sitting in them. I even have some photos somewhere in my parents loft. I wanted to drive them sooooo badly. I often wonder if they are still on the road. Stuart
  10. Slightly off topic but related to the car buying experience. I notice in the FOR SALE section an N reg azure blue S4s. It was listed a couple of months ago but seems to have reappeared. I thought it would have been bought by now. Good colour combination on a popular car. Does anyone know this particular car? Stuart
  11. Are you sure you want to MARRY her, I think you may have used the incorrect verb there.... Hehehehehehehehehe....
  12. Have also seen the yellow/green Esprit in the fibre glass. Not my cup of tea but a very professional job. It certainly stands out.... The Ferrari badged red car is a joke however....I am sorely tempted to buy a 308 and badge it as an Esprit.... Stuart
  13. Paul Why are you selling your favourite combo, green & tan by the way... Stuart ex 89se (green & tan)
  14. The word SOLIPISM keeps popping into my head and I don't know why... Stuart p.s. Boycotting a restricted supply, interesting...I have boycotted Man Utd my entire life...
  15. In the current market oil demand is in line with oil supply. Although the major problem is in supplying refined product with the current world wide refining system operating at close to maximum. There is little investment in new refineries as they are very expensive, take a long time to build, are not very popular with people, and complete waste of money as the return on investment will be negligable due to declining crude oil supplies. Within five years demand will outstrip supply a large margin which will lead to an unavoidable increase in the cost of everything, petrol, food, electricity
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