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  1. Many folks on here know your pain when it comes to the G Esprit binnacle Fit modern block connectors if possible
  2. Stunning, I am with GIS above , see what they look like on the car first, I have no idea why Lotus milled the centres out on the 5 stud ones ? Maybe just to keep look of the 4 studs for continuety purposes on the 4 stud to 5 stud hub change over ? or once on the car, just stick some black masking tape on the centre spines and squint from a distance, if it pleases your eye more then mill them out
  3. Always look forward to your project posts Roland, glad things are still moving on nicely Good find on that pinhole filler product, you are getting to be quite the guru at this grp bodywork stuff, still extremely impressed with your wheel arch home made moulds, Keep up the momentum as much as i like look forward to seeing the thing in paint, , something about naked grp Esprit bodyshells does it for me lol , I just find mid project always the more fascinating
  4. Sound s like it may be yours then John for Lotusrescue
  5. Feeling the 80s Group 5 love at the moment, just think the cars looks awesome, and have a feeling project Kermit will be getting a lot wider, looking into getting a spare set of my Esprit S2 rims cut out and made into 3 piece rims and stepped up to 17 " to put a set of 335 17 " on, should fill the gap lol Think an extra foot each side of the Esprit should sit well, with radiators moved to the rear arches Have only tried it on a Fujimi model kit so far as i cant get my hands on my bodyshells lol,
  6. Looling at the pics, I am the same as you Filip, I just think maybe it is someone that has beeb told a few porkys when they purchased the car, overal apperance gives no impression of the extra bhp, maybe a new chip in the ecu but that would be it, 20bhp is not much extra on the standard s4 or s4s, If someone did fit a racing gearbox for the extra 20 bhp they would have to be off their tree lol. Looks like a nice car though and the mid wing on the stevens car is my favorite, it just looks so right
  7. Looks like a lot of work has been put into this car, M series engine will be awesome, the bodykit looks nice also, not sure about the F40 style rear wing, thogh Hope it finds a good home and gets finished, new owner could always convert back to S1 factory spec on the outside and have a rather mean little car
  8. Looks stunning Marc, Have never seen the rover v8 with qaud carbs, always seen them with the single carb ! Looks awesome
  9. Looks really nice, when i saw the post title i was expecting something hidious ! To me it looks or strongy resembles an AC Cobra front nose section has been grafted in ?
  10. Car looks fantastic Mike, I remember reading on a post on bring a, an old Europa restoration project was for sale, and folks commented who had owned them in the past, a lot of the comments had " very scary on the US highways due to the low roof line, Plenty of large 4x4s and suvs stateside, so rare to see such a cool little English sportscar cutting in and out of traffic lol. The meetings sound like great evenings out and really nice to see that sort of thing done and organized for customers
  11. Glad it worked out out so well for them, nice to see you can still get dream cars with some hard work and spannering I was a little concerened with the leather colouring to begin with as it looked grey in colour, but when it got hit with the dryer it all came good lol.
  12. Looks great , good luck on the engine rebuild, and look forward to some pics when all the bits go back on the body
  13. Looks really nice, I like the colour, Not keen on the wheels though, I still cant understand why the purists do not love the spyder chassis !
  14. Measure the inside of the roof and add an extra few inches on, a normal scraper will remove the old glue, i.e the ones you would use to strip wall paer or apply poly filler. The foam backed material is very good, just be careful as once you push it down it sticks very quickly and if you pull back up to relocate it, the foam pulls off the back of the material ! I would suggest doing the A post screen cover trims just for a tidy clean looking job as the old material if you left it, would look starnge against teh new headlining
  15. Was the reserve not met last time though ?
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