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  1. Roland, Fantastic update, and really pleased that you have taken the bull by the horns regarding fiberglass work, it seems you are getting very confident with the stuff and also look like you are enjoying it at the same time
  2. TVR shows new car

    I thought a shinook helipcopter was flying over during the video ! Then he switches the engine off and it stops lol.
  3. Looks to me that the damage is from the door edge where it meets the front wing ? If it is then your door check strap is not grafting properly or the door has been opened very hard or in very strong winds ! Sadly if it is in that area it will more than likely of cracked the fibreglass Regarding repairs it, to do it properly will sadly grinding back the fibreglass until you cant see the crack then re glass and paint ! If you are happy to leave it alone, i would just purchase some clear coat from halfords in a rattle can, spray some into a little plastic pot, and use a very fine paintbrush to paint the clear coat into the cracks. Not a great measure but will stop water getting behind the paint and also into the fibreglass for the time been
  4. Rare as hens teeth

    Wonder what the current seller plans to do for wheels ? I wonder if they are going to pop s2 speed lines on, or fit later 5 hole hubs to fit the BBS. Compomotive alloy wheels look fantastic but never really suits a non turbo bodied car quite as well imo. Best of luck for anyone bidding on here i hope you bag them, looking at the ebay page, the seller already has 5 enquiries so has probably had plenty of cash offers, hopefully they will let the auction run until the end to give anyone intrested a fair shot
  5. Gearbox Difference S2 & S3

    Box is the same I think ? the only differences on some gearboxes was the slave cylinder location on some of the early model s3 to the later S3 ? This is as far as i am aware, but hopefully a few other folks with chime in
  6. Hello from Perth, Australia

    Welcome to TLF Alex
  7. RyanAir... cancels 40-50 flights a day for 6 weeks.

    Have never flown RyanAir, and will never after watching this, the 25 minute turn around is bad enough for the toilets not been cleaned, but i would have major concerns over how the mechanicals of the plane are inspected also. I hope the airline goes down the pan
  8. USA vs NK

    Regarding fighting ground, I mean that would be the area of choice for battle, China would gladly use this area to stop a frontal assault and not give a toss if the area got wiped off the map, no matter how many Chinese troops they had sent in to fight back the West or what ever Force was heading for China. In theory conventional warfare is dead though, The cold war days are over and the use of infantry troops.artillery and main battle tanks are long over. Sadly it is either urban warfare from now on regarding the middle east or the use of much larger strikes, which would sadly mean WW3. And i would hate to see the chain reaction from that one. The Russians i understand, and to be honest i think they know what the plague is that troubles the modern world today, or at least what is the biggest threat to the modern world. Strange, complicated times ahead, Sort one area and as soon as that is done, another one pops up, just has a massive knock on effect. Probably not the best suggestion but i would personally think North Korea would make a pretty good dog on a leash to deal with the middle east, just throw him a bone every now and then to keep him happy. I would much rather have crazy Koreans running about the middle east than crazy isis. I think if anyone can convert folks back from Islam it would be the crazy Kims Regime
  9. USA vs NK

    The thing with Tibet Jacques, China used this place as a fighting ground, And still will do in the future. The heart of China will always be protected. Everything else is just a buffer zone around them. Hence why China is not to keen to push North Korea as they already dislike having the American forces in south Korea been so close to their border. They are indeed probably worried that if the Americans attack North Korea and ground troops got used, they would indeed have Western troops sitting on their buffer zone. North Korea exports 83 percent of its trade to China, So China is indeed and has been in a strong postion for many years to put a stop to Kim by reducing the goods purchased from them, which would of been an easy way of sorting this imo.
  10. Engine Progress

    Fantastic news Mike, Very close to the big fire up by the sounds of it Wishing you the best of luck for the big day, if you could bottle the buzz from starting a converted engine for the first time, you would be a very rich man indeed
  11. Fantastic episode George I like hearing things about Collin Chapman from that fellow, a great interview and full of lots of intresting facts. Made me laugh when you seem to look for permission or forgiveness with the ideas about altering your lotus Will be nice to see what changes you come up with for your car and look forward to seeing them. Gutted your front bumper did not survive intact, could not see what the damage was though ? Anyway fantastic episode and really enjoyed it, Hope you got over the lurgy
  12. Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    That looks better must of been the angle of the other picture lol.
  13. Esprit Picture & Video Thread

    Your S1 makes that turbo look like a giant in the photo Fabian
  14. F..wit of the day/week/year

    John, not just the anti evolutionalists, All Muslims clerics claim they never evolved from apes like the rest of us ! but at the same time they preach the bearded wonder made the moon
  15. Saddo alert!

    Not on the elite, but my 85 esprit had the factory electrical ariel fitted on the passenger side, and as the years went on vandalism i presume got worse in the years from 76 to 85, so could not see why it would be for vandalism reasons ? would presume it would be more of an easier place to fit, regarding room/space etc maybe ?