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  1. Looks like you may of started a trend Dave , Everyone will now want a new shiny looking chassis during their restoration rather than chassis paint finish !
  2. silverfrost

    Future of Lotus

    I would wish for Lotus to be at both ends of the Market. I wish they had an entry level little sports car that was far cheaper than what is on offer atm. And the top end I feel is already climbing looking at an advertisement for the new exigencies was 99.000 sterling ! Esprit has to be on offer. It was one of the main things that put lotus on the map other than the motor racing. They need to take large chunks from the old Esprit with a modern touch on them. Black louvres, modern decent size replicas of the Speedine or BBS wheels. Sharp lines etc. The last Esprit design could of been badged a Lambo as it did not scream Esprit.
  3. silverfrost

    Elite 501 S1 1980 2.2

    You should have no problems shifting that car for 3k, looks and sounds like a great car. Sorry to hear you are selling but I am sure it will find a good home very quickly imo. Good luck with the sale, but i am sure you will not need it. very tempted myself to be honest.!
  4. silverfrost

    What made you UNHAPPY today!

    That is the getting "old bit " Kimbers ! A few years ago in the media they said scientists had nearly finished a wonder pill to cure hangovers. Never came about though, Bas×××ds !
  5. silverfrost

    Here's a fun game we can all play!

    Do not get in the papers also lol.
  6. Attenborough needs to start recording every word in the English language as when he passes. Nature programmeso will not be the same without his narrating 😕
  7. silverfrost

    Here's a fun game we can all play!

    Should be easy for you Kimbers from your family heritage ! Not one I can play, have never put a picture of me on the interwebs
  8. silverfrost

    Almost a Lotus

    His daughter enough said !
  9. silverfrost

    BBS Wheel

    Mike at Lotusbits had a load refurbished, I presume he has some that did not get the full treatment kicking about. Strange thing is the fronts are more expensive than the rears to purchase of memory !
  10. Cheers for that link Richard, very clever chap that presenter, a few on that list that I have not seen either !
  11. silverfrost

    Turbo Esprit!

    So pleased you finally bagged a G car. They say good things come to those who wait, car looks in good order and that engive has to be the cleanist I have seen ! Will be a stunning car when complete. Well done to all the guys evolved in helping you purchase it and pursue your dreams. Enjoy, Now get a project thread going ASAP ☺️☺️
  12. You could do with doing your own little TV series, your presenting skills are spot on. And the mixture of content is great also. I Could watch soup all day ! Can' remember the name of the series I used to watch on the box on freeveiw I think it was, a chap who built a kit car, restored an Indian motorbike, built a plane along with many other projects. The series just followed him along each project ! Great show and the projects got bInger and boulder as the show went along as his confidence and skills grew presumably. ! Send your YouTube link to some TV companies !
  13. silverfrost

    Fun replicas

    The piper looks awesome only let down by modern alloys, needs to have fat deep dish 3 piece comp or bss mesh alloys fitted and some race decals added.
  14. silverfrost

    someone must have been really drunk...

    Takes after a porker by the Carrera stickers it wears then lol.
  15. silverfrost

    78 Lotus Elite Project

    Looks like you are doing a fine job from the pictures, very professional looking job.