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  1. Essex Random Images.......

    I thought that when i first looked at the photo George, it looks like an autoart model is so clean and sparkly, !
  2. behind plastic

    Steve, S3 is indeed just the crappy plastic panel on its own, so you are not missing anything lol. The turbo boys got a different dash binnacle layout and different fixings also
  3. Caturday...

    I see he has taken a fancy to the fish already Gavin
  4. Water pipes

    Not sure how big the holes are Ian, But you can get stuff from halfords, i cant remember for the life of me what it is called, but it a addative that goes into the coolant, They are like little beads in the fluid and seal up when they come into contact with air, I have always been very scepticle about such projects, but used this many years ago and it worked a treat, finding out that top brand car production plants actually use this stuff made me change my mind, basically it avoids the risks of leaks on freshly installed engines on the production line when all the coolant pipes etc are attached. IIRC is also helps lubricate the water pump off memory or such like ? Good stuff and well worth popping a bottle in, I seem to recall it was less than a fiver, worth a shot at a tempory/lasting repair
  5. Essex Random Images.......

    Stunning Gotti, now all you have to do is reap the rewards of all your hard work and just enjoy her.
  6. S3 £5400?

    No Trevor, Surely the North Koreans, I hear Kimmy does not like lotus and wants to drop the global market price of them
  7. Time to start explaining

    Have a beer and watch the fish tank Barry and you will slowly nod off
  8. Lotus Elite Type 75 (1979) on eBay

    Have seen that many times also Gert, It has been on ebay for ages, agree lovely looking car and appears to be in fantastic condtion, must be plenty of room for negotiation purchase price wise as nobody has stepped up to the plate yet to purchase it. Good luck
  9. V8 Photo Request

    Mike, Love the engine pictures work of art in itself the lotus v8 , and those white cabinets with the esprit pictures and model cars look awesome Proper lotus man cave
  10. Possible timing belt break?

    Hi Mike, Get it straight into a workshop, the smell of burning rubber and smoke would ring alarm bells with me, not sure how technically minded you are, but anything that would raise alarms bells on the V8 engine i would get it checked out straight away, even consider trailering it to a workshop. The V8 engine is extremely ex[pensive to repair is the cambelt fails, also although your car has only done 20,000 miles, the cambelt has an age limit also, so do not just thing oh it has hardly any miles so it will be fine, as the rubber in the cambelt deterorates over a period of years, een more so with a car with low miles as the belt will of sat in the same postion for long periods of time, this makes the belts conform to the shape of the camsprockets and crank toothed pulled etc, which in turn is not good for the cambelt. Hopefully it is just an auxilery belt, but please get it checked out, for the sake of a few hours labour and the cost of a new cambelt and sepertine belts, the outlay if you you leave it will be far worse cost wise in parts and other repairs that come with a V8 Cambelt failure. Search the forums as i think the last well documented V8 failure on these forums was Alex, who works on cars for living and it still turned out expensive even without labour due to parts prices. Good luck and hope it turns out to be something simple, but get the cambelt done pronto imo
  11. Hello from Switzerland

    Welome to the Lotus forums Mohamed
  12. Hello from Texas!

    Welcome to the Lotus forums Mike, Stunning look V8 in a fantastic colour and alloy wheeels package, enjoy
  13. Another college shooting in the USA

    Never new that was the case regarding no license in Oz Simon, To be honest i thought it was only the folks up Northern territories and the outback that had rifles in Oz. Two famous folks with guns come to mind in 0z, one nice one, one nasty. Both famous for very different reasons !
  14. Great stuff Paul, I am sure you will love it
  15. Maybe worth shooting Jonny a pm first, I know they are not going to be cheap but is was only jonny that wanted them made on his jack jones as no one else was as compomotive mad as him at the time so the price would of been more i should imagne, Hopefully a few more folks could get on the band wagon now and reduce the outlay cost ? Speak to Mike about cost and then try and gather the numbers on here for a group purchase maybe , between yours and the pits ocd you should be able to come up with something mate