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  1. Hi Clemens. The Eclat is a nicely designed car, I am a massive fan of the Elite, but have a place in my heart for the Eclat also as most of the design is the same also Jim Henderson the designer of Kermit the frog owned a green one also p.s if you ever find that one give me a shout lol. The picture of the project car is not the best of pics, but going by what i can see in the picture it looks like a bare bones project, no windscreen etc, so it looks like a restoration strip down was started or in most cases it was stripped to sell as parts. The engine is not a cheap item to purchase, used high mileage units are now fairly expesive to purchase, and with all used engines they can often hide lots of potential problems or need full rebuilds anyway, yet again expensive. Gearboxs are not a drama as there are plenty about and can be found used or purchased off members off here if need be. The thing i love about the Elites,eclats,excels etc is the engine and gearbox layout, plenty of cars to choose to take an engine and box from, bmw, mazda mx5, etc and can be purchased for little money. You are in a good location for sourcing the engine and box Looking at the photo, The thing that would be the budget eater with this car is all the little things like trim,windscreen, etc. This is what will eat your project budget up the most imo, can supply anything in relation to used parts for this car as they have plenty to break, and they have also designed and produced many new off the shelf parts for these cars also, plus many recon items also. You really need to get this car as cheap as possible, but non the less another lotus will be saved even if not kept in original factory spec Main things to check is the Chassis as it was not galvanized like later models, it can rust very badly. The doors can rust also, it is the actual door beams that rust, they are used as impact protection and also hold the doors up, These are a pain to replace, you will notice large amounts of rust collected in the bottom of the door sitting on top of the fiberglass, Also the doors not closing properly show a possible sign of this. And again, try and get the car as cheap as possible, I would try to get it for less than 900 euro
  2. silverfrost

    The Grand Tour

    Have never watched an episode of this, As i do not have amazon prime, have watched clips on youtube, it looks fab, Do they or will they ever do the series on dvd box set ?
  3. Welcome to the forums, Really nice colour , Enjoy
  4. Cheers for posting the head work Dave, good option with the 8mm drill bit on the water jackets
  5. George, Lighter and cheaper than stock parts, cant get any better
  6. silverfrost

    Need a little help with my project......

    A labour of love Really pleased you started back on this project again ,
  7. silverfrost

    Time to start explaining

    No need to rush Barry, I am sure you will only end up finding something else to fix soon lol
  8. silverfrost

    Time to start explaining

    Vosprung duch technic 6 speed conversion would be nice, and plenty of used transmissions to choose from
  9. Great work Roland, Final prep is a pain the arse, If you can hand it over to a pro, which you are doing, will save you a lot of heartache and sore fingers lol. Look forward to seeing some paint on this soon
  10. Looks super heavy damage, That mixed with expensive spare parts means you would have to be insane. Shame though, lovely colour combo silver with red interior.
  11. silverfrost


    Welcome to the forums Ben,
  12. silverfrost

    Thank you Guy Munday

    Have never seen the little white car in action, i wonder how it competed with the biggers cars, and what driver they found to fit inside Many thanks for the photos Stuart, they look fantastic and sounds like a wonderful day you all had
  13. silverfrost

    Turbo rebuild

    I would leave to the experts Phil, 100,000 rpm is a lot of rotations to cock up by fitting at home lol it could end up eating your engine if the bits disintigrate by poor fitment , Give Barry Kearly a pm, he has a fair few experiances with turbo rebuild companies, so should be able to send you in the right direction
  14. silverfrost

    The best-looking alloy wheels ever

    Fantastic Job
  15. silverfrost

    Gran Turismo Sport

    Have to say the graphics look amazing, Although GT seems to of lost its sparkle over the years, I the last one that was any good to me was GT3, You could use A.I to drive the cars to build up funds for future mods,purchases. This was sadly lost in later edtions Having said that still a great game with a lot of soul