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  1. You need to get a traders card for Canley classics Barry to get a decent discount on parts
  2. And that red early stevens turbo got you on the hook Barry, a lot of loti to own in short period of time, would of loved to of seen you follow through with the red G car though !
  3. Yes Michael, many old S1 esprits got converted at the time to look like the new turbo esprit model, same as these days people change lights,bumper kits etc to make there car that is a couple of years old look like the new year model. They actully used to have a few companies in America that usd to specialize in doing this to s1 and s2 esprits, fitting sills, front valance different wheels and the turbo lourves etc. Sadly these days the complete oposite, i.e the standard S1 is worth more, hence why many folks put them back to standard, who did the work make a massive difference
  4. Good work Darren on bagging an engine, as you say, not cheap these days, looks very clean which is nice, good measure on seeing it running before jumping in with both feet
  5. Elite and eclat are fetching decent money, the excel will catch up imo when the market of elites and eclats dry up, wheels would put me right off that car though ! never liked mini lights lol
  6. Looks great Barry, very tidy under the hood and what looks like a rust free and clean bulkhead, battery box on these are normally rust coloured !
  7. Welcome to the forums Nigel, Hope you get it sorted soon, great pics by the way
  8. Looks super sharp Mark ! Perfect combo with those modern/classic design wheels that will even keep the die hard purists happy imo. All you have to do now is enjoy driving her and give her a wash and a bit of tlc every now and again,
  9. They removed the top suspension rubber mounts Fabian, this made the Essex cars look even more lower and aggresive for the press photos
  10. Great project you have going Steve, look forward to the updates on your resto thread, I found the trimming of one of my Esprits to actually be enjoyable which i was not expecting and wish i had done it myself many years before ! Good luck, can you get away without re painting the bodyshell or is this going to be a full restoration on your S2 ?
  11. Looks really nice, My favorite Esprit rear spoiler of all the production runs !
  12. Hi Years ago i would of said yep, get straight on with, but you have to consider the downside if you ever chose to sell the car as it will dramitacally effect the price of the future sale if you ever chose to part with your beloved Esprit S2 for some reason. It can be done, but you in your post you say you have found a chassis ? Is it a rolling chassis ? As if it is just a bare chassis, nearly all of your suspension from your S2 will not just simply bolt over as the suspension set up on the S2 was different. You would require new front and rear suspension. Used unit
  13. I think Richard Hammond now owning one may of made a difference to the prices on the sport 350, also given the fact that on camera, Jeremy Clarkeson admitted that he is actually quite Jealous of Hammond for owning that car ! They are both fans of the Esprit and have been for many years. Nice to see that someone who gets to drive multi million pound Hyper cars for a living puts an Esprit 350 in his stable/collection The G bodied cars are not for everyone, but like the Essex that we would all like to own in the classic car range due to its rarity, the sport 350 is the modern E
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