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  1. Defo give Mike a phone call, will save you a lot of heart ache
  2. Nice looking car, price wise should get snapped up with the buy it now price imo
  3. Yes it has been proved that you can fit just the four stud hubs with comps on the standard BBS suspension, Mike at lotusbits does alloy 4 stud hubs front and rear, lovely bit of kit, Finding steel ones is hens teeth, but the alloy ones are so much ligher it is unreal, the saving on the unsprung weight is fantastic. They also do new dry sump trailing arms and links Comp barrel centres will need to be measured as if they are four stud and not originally of an esprit i am pretty sure compomotive used to machine of the back of the wheel barrel casting a few mm to suit slighty different offsets on certain models.
  4. Alita, Based on a Japanese comic, made buy James Cameron who did Avatar, it is CGI and have to say well worth the watch great movie , hopefully they do another one
  5. Looks like you have plenty of decent service parts and some bling to go on also Have a set of those ferodo pads myself sitting in box to one day chance out the horrible green stuff pads that are fitted at the moment !
  6. I know the seller he is a nice chap and i can understand why he will not sell without someone veiwing the car, It has been for sale for some time, so probably will be availible in June, hope you get your hands on it, will be nice to see it having some spanner time on it project wise and returned to the road under some other different engine, ideal conversion car
  7. What is the size of the thing, can you do a picture to give it scale ?
  8. Looks nice and well looked after during its hibernation, will of had a full valet as it is a trader, but looks like the right car for someone who wants a decent dry sump with out much hassle of a big restoration. Has even had headlamp washers fitted in the bumper Will be intresting to see what this one goes for, as the last dry sump on ebay needed a lot more work and went for 16/17k !
  9. I quite like the colour, not for everyone though i would think , the black wheels and rear lourves look stunning, looks very super carish
  10. Looks like a really nice car, think someone got a bargain , a lot of car for that kind of money
  11. HI Geoff If the dashboard light is on then the pin switch is sticking, is the button on the end of the handbrake as normal or stuck in ? Try and give the handbrake lever a bit of a tap.
  12. The green v8 yhat nick owns is still on ebay, 10k sterling, engine and box missing. Metallic green, previous flood damage, so some extra rust underneath, but ideal for a conversion.
  13. Good call Filip , sorry got my G head on lol
  14. Lars, I do not think lotus had weight saving in mind when they used solid discs, I would of thought that was all that was availible at the time as vented discs started to catch on they got fitted imo
  15. A proper barn find 1 even has the hay/straw by it lol. Welcome to the forums, As buddsy says, the Esprit is a real head turner for looks, Although your tvr is a great looking car it will turn heads due to the engine roar, which tvrs fitted with v engines have always been for Still makes me feel sad that the factory closed, such a shame to loose another british made sports car marque, chaps very proud who built them also, as the same as lotus cars folks used to write their names under the dash,body and trim parts etc. Always rememember watching the old top episode , when the three studes walked around the empty factory, still had old tuscan bodyshells outside also, horrible to see the factory bare after so many years, at the time i think it was been used to store classic cars nowdays Cheers for the pics of the Esprit, You will fall in love with it, totally different drive than any car you will of ever driven , and no the steering wheel is not bent out of place, its supposed to be not straight before you ask. You can start a project thread on here, all of the members will answer any questions or quiries, take a look at a member called Sparky on here, he has a thread on a silver turbo se that needed lots of work and was in really poor shape.
  16. They look nice Lars, But will require a new bracket, price wise inc the machine work and the actual purchse of the callipers would soon sky rocket, The nice thing about the passat ones, is cost, bonus with the added weight saving, and the fact that they will always be easily and cheaply sourced, new or used. When i designed the set up for my v8 conversion on the s3, moving the callipers outboard due to loosing the lotus gearbox, i wanted an off the shelf high volume produced part to ensure it will always be cheap to source, the aircraft grade brackets i designed did not end up cheap though lol. Reading the article earlier in a previous post about the brake bias valve, I have always wanted to fit one of these to try one out, as i think if you took the time on a track or private road to set one up, i think the rewards would be fantastic from what i have seen written in other publications. Drama would be where to put it on the Esprit.
  17. Some parts prices as just damn crazy, I can understand old out of production parts as the time, tooling, materials etc all adds up what can be small production parts runs for rare low numbers built cars. That said how they can justify 3k for a headlight is beyond me. Ferrari should of taken a leaf out of Collin chapmans book and used other cars parts lol. But other parts, I remember seeing an article years ago, I think it was practical classics iirc, double page spread, listing car and bike parts prices, One side was a fairly new merc, and the other was a honda goldwing motorcycle, Wing mirror for thr merc 550 to 600 sterling, wing mirror for the goldwing, 1500 sterling
  18. I remember the MOT regs changed though, regarding corrosion, Testers used to go mad with the metal pointy hammer and make holes bigger ! Think it is a rubber hammer now ? Also corrosion points/distances changed from structual points iirc, Also is the rotten area fairly hidden by the body ? I love the elites and eclats and this one area that would make me purchase a car with the chassis already changed to Galvanised.
  19. You can always fit a fan on the oil cooler also, i used a slighty larger oil cooler and wired a decent marine on it to cut in when the coolant fans cut in
  20. Sparky has the right idea, screw that down to the body, tie rope around the chassis to that and mak sure you do a good knot
  21. Holy cow Andy, that is abig investment for getting your targa roof fixed, I would of just not used it in the rain lol
  22. I am sure this was sold last year on ebay, think it had rough paint at the time, it went for cheap money then ?
  23. I think the G man that designed the esprit also designed this , its a Mk2 , THE Mk1 is super rare on the roads and is loved by the vdub boys. MK2 mK1
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