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  1. Awesome George, So pleased you are now back at it with the Esprit, That chassis was in such good condtion rust wise, such a shame those bodge it and scarper merchants cut those section out to repair a coolant leak ! Top Marks to the Shot blast guy, he did a fantastic Job, and great news about your new patrons and the new welder, really looking forward to seeing the repairs on the chassis. Good luck and looking forward to the next video, nothing better like seeing Esprit bare chassis and bodyshells during restos
  2. Incorrect, the plastic pipe travels all the way from the oil pump area on the engine, all the way to the back of the guage. The only electric on the oil pressure guage is for teh illumination, i deleted mine due to the engine upgrade, but also the risk of oil spray under the binnacle from a potential split.
  3. I thought all G cars used the horrible plastic pipe to the gauge ! Hence the guage is mechanical not electrical ? or did you fit a later type electrical guage and sensor Fabian to delete the plastic pipe risk ?
  4. Car looks stunning Mike, pleased she now has an mot, Garage also looks like a work art, the glass side is a fab idea, and a great way to view your retro vision of Chapman and the big G mans Version. Well done to Nick for building this car to your desired spec. Enjoy
  5. I have seen pictures of him on the lotusforums sniffing rear exhaust boxes ! Part man, part machine, people say he has a lotus badge tatooed on his body somewhere !
  6. No, i just thought that when i just looked at the picture again , but if you look, the actual straight line of the belt sits in the same place on both pulleys in the picture 😪
  7. Car looks Stunning Jonathan, and a super rare model to boot !
  8. Glad ail got sorted, Always nice when its a simple problem to fix in the end and no new parts are required !
  9. Agree, That is defo rubbing on something and been eaten ! Get it in asap to be looked at
  10. Yes not nice lol, Just give Mike at Lotusbits a call, he will have used ones, you could also try Car builder sollutions, they do all sorts of wing mirrors for classic cars and kit cars etc and have a very big selection to choose from, well priced stuff also.
  11. Crank it over a few times also with the HT lead to the coil disconnected, it will get some oil circulated around the engine and the turbo also Just filling the coolant and allowing it settle for a few hours, this way you will see leaks also which are always common on new surfaces and new hoses if you used the original rubber that can potentially weep coolant. Silicone hoses i have found never weep it must be the softer material !
  12. Damien i still stay stick the funds in your current N/A car, The Peter Stevens N/A models are pretty rare imo, Speak to Lotusbits or changes on here regarding what can be done to pull more power out of your current engine and what prices you are looking at.
  13. Same as, good luck in the new venture
  14. Hi Paolo, If the engine number has been removed it would probably the last owner getting ready to install a used engine from another car and stamp the old cars engine number on it from the logbook ! So i would be 99 percent certain that this is not the cars original engine, the problem with this is now you have an engine with no number, so you cant just stamp any old number on, you could stamp the logbook engine number on. bit of a rock and a hard place. Does this affect the price ? Yes it does indeed, the car is not worth as much with a non factory engine, also the engine for sale at the moment has no number, given it has no number stamped on, and the fact it is not fitted in the car, it may be scrap, damaged from storage due to enviromental effects etc. The chassis numbers are hard to read that are stamped on the front of the car, however iirc the chassis number was always stamped in one line ? not two, hopefully others members will comment, plus the worrying thing to me would be the fact that the damage i.e indentation looks like some heavy handed person with a hammer and stamp have stamped it on. And not at the factory.......... The red oxide paint gives it away also, i.e it looks like to me it has had the old chassis number ground off and and restamped, and to stop corrosion of the freshly ground back metal, it has been sprayed with red oxide primer ! Now used chassis can be replace damaged ones, it is legal, but the engine with no number, red oxide primer and a poorly stamped number do not look good to me. Or the owner could of possibly sprayed it on to make it more easy to read ? What made you think it was an S2 in the first place ? S3 cars are actually very desirable, they have the better chassis and suspension than the s2, sadly not the clean looks, and better build quality from the factory, I would delve more deeply about the history of the car, also any more pics of it condtion wise ? If the engine is damaged you would be better off looking at sourcing a used one, lucky to find one local or try, for a used one. Price wise i think the owner is not far with his price with it been LHD , sadly the days of cheap project cars are long gone. You could always look into importing one from the states as some owners have done, but this carries even more risk and can be heavy on import taxes etc. Try and Barter, maybe 9k. Good luck
  15. With the graft you have done on this car Roland i would keep the look factory spec, but then again who am i to say with an extra four cylinders, bigger wheels and nasca ducts on a G car lol.
  16. Was it the same guy who started the project Mike, or is the project in new hands ? CANCEL JUST CHECKED HIS PAGE ! I thought the guy has sold it, as the picture of the car been towed away I presumed he had sold it , chap was struggling for workspace and put it into storage , glad he has found a workshop to allow him to continue his dream build
  17. Happy Birthday Chap, Have a good one
  18. The problem is Paolo is the car is a lhd and more rare and desirable in your part of the world, even in the UK a project car even with the engine removed would go for more than 7000 euros, used parts prices are expensive now due to the project cars raising in value over the last few years even the really bad project ones fetch good money , even a bare bones chassis and body shell with documents go for circa 3 to 4 k sadly.
  19. No it was not Mikes, The guy called it proiect lotus v8 m71 esprit, i have just seen it on the web but cant post links, it may of been dark green from the pics, but the engine he built was lovely, Like one of Mike S engines with custom headers and intakes on a lotus 918 engine
  20. Check fuses, then look at brake pedal, follow it up, you will see a switch with 2 wires coming off it, pull the wires off and use a spare bit of wire to connect them, if your brake lights are on now, you need a new switch. Fog lights, my s3 only has one fog light ? the other light unit is blanked off so you cant put a bulb in, Anyway, if check the fuse does not work, check the actual condtion of the back of the light units, they can corrode badly nd this could also be your brake light problem. Also check the wiring in the boot area for a break where it runs along the back of the car on the inside of the boot.
  21. Hi Paolo, You will find no bar codes on a G car i can assure you VIN vehicle identifaction number is on a plate that you can see when looking under the front bonnet, the wheel arch area from the inside, always on the passenger side on uk cars, i presume the same on export cars also. This will have the chassis number, engine number , paint code and transmission number stamped on in IIRRC. The chassis number is also stamped on the chassis on the last upright at the front right by the radiator it is on the drivers side, but if export it will be classed as the passenger side. Obviously the engine number is stamped on the engine also and the trans is stamped. 7000 euros ! i personally would snap someones hand off without even considering the cars condtion for that figure. But just make sure the numbers on the paperwork match up.
  22. On the topic of bespoke lotus V8 engines, i remember years ago a fellow had a webpage of a lotus v8 project it was a black G turbo, but he had built a custom lotus V8 engine for it, and had also planned to use the lotus V8 chassis, That engine also looked stunning, I think he sold the car but not sure what he did with the engine and chassis ? Such a shame as it was a great project, Sorry for the thread high jack Mike
  23. S3 all day long, side repeaters, fuel filler caps, 5 stud wheels, air intakes, interior and bumpers, Either that or some crazy person has done the most work i have ever seen to make an s2 look like an s3 lol .
  24. Some lovely bits for the engine, those cam covers look especially nice Mike
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