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  1. Better the high level brake light fall off than anything else Barry If screws are coming loose you must be driving it hard
  2. So happy for you, Such a great feeling for you to finally get the top coat on , Lovely colour also, did it leave the factory that way or did you just like Essex blue ? Look forward to the shell going back on to that fantastic rolling chassis ! Well done, so pleased for you, top marks for effort and presentation
  3. Enjoy, very nice car with a great colour combo, also you can always get Barry to teach you some spannering in the future when she will need a service etc, a nice car to jump into esprit ownership with having had plenty of work done on it, Happy motoring
  4. The two small holes your finger is pointing to in the picture Roland should not be there, I can only presume it was done by the previous owner to drain trapped rain water or such like if they are drilled all the way through, If they are just shallow holes i.e not drilled all the way through they could of just been something trapped between the seal panel and boot when it was closed etc.
  5. Congrats Barry, Glad you finally bagged one, Enjoy it
  6. Great work Roland, its the little attention to details that will make a big difference, even more so with the car been black, Water based was for brought in for the enviroment i think, I also think it takes a little longer to dry which was a drawback for small body shops. I would of thought 2 pack would be your best bet as it is also stronger. Think it would be wrong not to get your alloy wheels reconditioned and sprayed gold while you are at it 😉
  7. Are those Alfas the little 2 seaters they built that are in competition with the elise ? We all know the Esprit is super low, but they even look skinny compaired to the Alfas too ! and esprits are 6 1/2 foot wide lol !
  8. Did you lock down the cylinder liners before turning the crank Tom ?
  9. Looks awesome, you so need to put some speedline on it though after all that hard work
  10. Looks awesome Rob , You could always get rid of the bit of fiberglass just below the tailgate strut, It would give a much better open appearance in the bay when it is open, but also when the engine is back in, you will be able to see it better through the quarter glass imo. A lot of thick fibreglass in those wheel arches, would be nice to see what weight your esprit will be after its weight loss program as the Esprit lightweight, always wanted to get my silver one on a weight bridge to what figure it came up with. Look forward to the progress, it will make fabing up custom engine and trans mounts a lot easier for you.
  11. The thing is though, they actually work like traders, throw some money at an old car to get it back into working condtion without doing a full restoration. The downside is that doing a car so quickly by cutting corners will always produce cars that in a few years will require lots of work again. I love the show, more so when Ed China was in it, Car S.O.S is anther great show, but they go a lot deeper into the restoration side of things with full bare metal resprays and engine rebuilds etc
  12. A lovely design that catches the classic leman theme so well even in a modern design. Exhaust rumble/pop on the downshift sounds awesome
  13. Both in the same basket these days and have been for a while, its main concern is to line their own pockets.
  14. All propoganda, On a serious note the UK Goverment wants out the EU more than anything, Getting away from the European court of human rights is the main thing and other countries security forces. The UK goverment over the past decade, has done something that would make the KGB during the cold war era look like angels !
  15. Have to say the silver centres look way better that the milled down and painted black ones imo The car looks awesome !
  16. Sorry to hear this Max Hope someone on here gets in touch for a sale , failing that i hope the ebay auction goes well
  17. No this one is years old Rob about 9 years , it was clam shelled on the rear and later the front also, So many changes in ideas etc, It will get finished but i have a 79 body also that is currently in the Emerald isles still awaiting collection, This will be built as a wide body Group 5 design, I would of used the black one but the extra panel width the clams would not work due to how wide i need the car, the clams would flex to much. The silver v8 has no cooling problems, the only time you get a slight coolant rise in temps is when static in traffic on a hot day, this is due to the extra coolant travel, i.e the V8 was from a front engine car, so the radiator was right next to the engine, so Audi designed the water pump and circulation accordingly. A quick blip of the throttle provides a sudden extra burst of circulation which brings the temp down straight away. Also it has a second electric pump fitted to the heads/ heater matrix lines to provide extra coolant circulation when static, 3 core radiator and a larger oil cooler fitted with a fan that kicks in with the rad fans. I live in Japan so never get chance to work on them as they are uk side, will sort out shipping at some point point but need to look to more into regulations as the silver one is to loud exhaust note wise and i think it will need cats ? Also need to find out project wise as i have the docs for the projects but not sure how you get on for registering uncompleted projects. Sadly not as simple as just filling an iso container and shipping. Also to register a car over here you need to register a parking space, and do not fancy leaving the silver one out to cook in the sun in one of our parking spaces, so need to find storage, lots of head scratching to do lol.
  18. Did the cat come with the car too lol ! Project coming along well Conner, Have to say, gold speedline wheels on a black S2 would look pretty cool, just like the JPS special edition. I love all the old manuals as they have the oil, dirt marks and that garage smell of oily rags about them lol, something which the internet stuff does not have. Bit like a kindle not been the same as a book if you know what i mean. If you become a full forum member on here i think you can get all the service manuals etc ?
  19. You could always look at fitting larger intake ears also Rob, I made these years ago out of sheet alloy, but grp ones would be more prefrable imo, This was also clam shelled but from the doors backwards, windows are poly carbonate with rubber seals for the frame, Colin Chapmans S1 esprit prototype was clam shelled but yours is a good design also and keeps the weight down,
  20. The larger picture you posted in the workshop looks awesome, paintwork looks stunning , 17 rims are a good choice and a good balance, also the 45 profile tires are good for performance and yet still retain comfort and looks, without looking like elastic bands like the lower profiles
  21. Yes broken / cut will always soak up moisture, and apparently hold it for a good while also
  22. Good price for a project car, lets hope it gets restored to its former glory soon.
  23. Very cool Rob, Make sure you get some white flow coat or white epoxy on those cut lines, just with a small paint brush to seal it before she soaks up any moisture, and causes micro blisters Look forward to seeing this project come on
  24. Awesome, build your dream and you have Enjoy, looks stunning by the way, best colour for an S2
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