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  1. Bright contrasting wheels are very much "on trend" these days, but they can easily be unbolted and recoated in the future.
  2. That's all I got for for now, but there are some shots earlier in the thread with better roof pics.
  3. Bit of both. V8 flares would suite it nicely. I ordered the wheels with the intention of a widebody (see above) but that didn't work out.
  4. Getting there. I just received this picture of the front end all buttoned up. here:
  5. Mangnaflow (what I have, inexpensive) or Random Technologies.
  6. I love this car! I love the box-flares more than than top, but I love that too. In fact, I was heavily inspired by this car in my own failed widebody attempt. Thanks for sharing! PS, could you make a "walk-around" video showing us the body work in detail and operating the top? That would be amazing!
  7. I went with a suction mount because I couldn't imagine how I could mount a phone and it not be in the way and not destroy the leather.
  8. I used a Tom Tom GPS window mount.
  9. It's slowed a lot, but I'm assued that it will be ready for Spring.
  10. Not my Lambos and not my shop. It is
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