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  1. Just posted some dyno results here:
  2. Just posted some dyno results here:
  3. New pulls from yesterday with new alternator and AEM Tru Boost. I'm very pleased with the boost curve, and the fuel is better too. Now I want to clean up the dips in power and torque @4500. Any thoughts? This is the BC's "B" setting. We were striving for 15PSI at redline. This is the BC's "A" setting. We were striving for 13PSI at redline.
  4. I'm always hoping you'll be faithful But you're not, I suppose We've both given up smoking 'cause it's fatal So whose matches are those?
  5. Purdy! Are you really attaching the reservoirs with Velcro?
  6. No, no... it belongs to a guy in Atlanta named John Anderson.
  7. This is what we should all be striving for (blue hoses aside)
  8. Thanks, Bibs. I have the manuals so my questions were more: Are there pieces that can be reused and some that must be replaced? Which pieces are still available from Lotus and which aren’t? Are there some pieces that can be done away with out all together? I.e.replaced with paint. Thanks,
  9. It looks like I'll be heading to the body shop soon and I'm wondering which exterior trim pieces I should plan on replacing (assuming they're available) ?? I thinking about parts like the black decals before the buttress intakes and the black trim on the trailing edge of the hood. Any thoughts? ...part numbers?
  10. Buy a turbo blanket instead. It's like using a condom instead of a diaphragm. Much more efficient and effective.
  11. That's f------d up, but what would expect them to do? Take his word for it? Life's unfair.
  12. I thought for sure 3:42 was going to be the "I'm an asshole" song. :-) I grew up very close to NYC and have *always* hated it. Full of obnoxious jag-offs.
  13. NYC is a horrible, miserable, filthy place. Owning a car there must be an exercise in self-hate.
  14. I got one from JAE last year and paid about the price Bibs quoted. Thank goodness I jumped on it.
  15. Is she hot? If she's a babe she can get away with it, otherwise.. Your wing, huh?
  16. Love the GT3, hate the tri-spokes on the Skyline across the street. Dear God.
  17. Maybe consider a stainless manifold? The biggest issue with these is rust, no?
  18. Holy Christ! Does the car sit out side? Drive underwater? With that much corrosion I don't think you can expect it to stay whole.
  19. IF I did it I'd stick with my 215/45-17s on the front and probably do 275/35-19s in the which case I don't the the ratios would be out of whack. But yes, it would be an expensive mistake if I ended up hating them.
  20. I think it depends on the style, Bibs. I'm looking at split rims which use the same size centers on the 18s and the 19s, the only difference is the step in the barrel. But yeah, if I wasn't a little concerned I wouldn't be asking.
  21. Finding a double din head unit with a quality video input (not just a composite input for a rear view camera) may be impossible.
  22. Well... you don't have a sender for the gauge you'd have to buy either. :-) Ask Jeff @ JAE.
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