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  1. What you can do in Photoshop and what can be accomplished in reality are much different.
  2. The flare in the rear was meant to be purely cosmetic with only a modest (and inch at most) of body widening on either side. Beyond the box flare I really don't see any other similarity to the R34.
  3. That's what we were going for: box flares a la an E30 M3. It would have been really hard to pull off; the shape of the body doesn't lend it's self well to being squared off.
  4. For years I'd been contemplating a custom wide-body project. In early 2011 I commissioned some renderings and then spent months shopping them around to local body shops,but no one was interested in seeing my vision to reality... until one brave soul stepped forward. Long story short: after 8 months in his shop we got no where -- he was a scammer -- and I had to end up abandoning the effort. Anyway, I thought you all might be interested in seeing the renderings and some of the foam work.. Foam:
  5. 18 months in the making, and with several false starts, my 2011/2012 refresh is nearing completion... I hope. Here are a few progress pics and a list of what;s happening. Mechanical: New aluminium radiator New oil cooler Wheels/Suspension/Brakes: New Rotiform TMB Concave wheels - 18x8.5/18x11 New Gaz dampers (front) Hi-Spec 6/4 Pot calipers powder coated white Body/paint: ...a surprise, but you can gleam a lot from the pics.
  6. Yup:
  7. Yup:
  8. Mechanicals: [email protected] in Sterling. Josh is fantastic. Restoration: if you're serious about restoration then these guys in PA have the coolest facility I've seen. I talked to them extensively, but my budget wasn't high enough. You really should visit their shop:
  9. Clearly, the answer is black. With the yellow center caps they'll look amazing!
  10. Pete @ PNM has kits of good value, but he can be... slow.
  11. Cost vs. Rarity vs Style vs. Performance. The next closest thing is the NSX, at least here in the US where we have a much smaller variety of cars.
  12. I wasn't trying to. Sincerely. I was merely sharing my thoughts on the issues Darren posed with regard to the "myths" and "unfounded claims". I'm glad you both have found a dyno that tells you what you want to hear. :-)
  13. The problem is the inconsistency in dyno's, their configurations, and their operators. It makes it very difficult to compare numbers. Other issues contributing to the "myths" you speak of may be Marcus's XX HP chips (meaninglessness numbers) and the small sample size of SE/S4/S4s that have posted dyno charts. I'd expect raw HP measured at the wheels to be 230-265hp on a non/mildly modified S4, assuming everything is in working order. Good luck.
  14. Lose the wing. It's silly and doesn't work with narrow body car as someone said above.
  15. Yep. I just got another quote. The price I gave you was without shipping though, but It can't be that much more. Yeah, the site is down but if you want any old pics I can email them to you.
  16. You could prove that you bought them six months before they failed. I really doubt that's normal. Anyway, I'm glad your happy with the LDP shocks. I know I would be too if the the ride height wasn't so high.
  17. Why would they charge you to rebuild them if they failed after 6 months? Obviously there must have been a manufacturing defect, no?
  18. Andy: shouldn't they be back at the facoty and not in your shed? Travis: Honestly, they're so cheap (about $105/ea.) that I'm not sure it makes sense.
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