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  1. My Gaz were great when I first got them, but they're 7 years old and half of that time was spent in storage which probably wasn't great; so I can't fault them too much. My concern with the Spax is the cost and the 8" springs required to lower the front of the car, which makes me think they weren't really designed with the Esprit in mind. I've heard very little about the Protech, except I did some reading yesterday that suggested they were lots lighter than the Gaz. I also have an email in to Steve @ SJ. I'm eager to read his opinion.
  2. I'm thinking of replacing my Gaz coilovers (the fronts are worn) and I'm considering Protech or Spax instead. The Protechs are slightly more than Gaz, and the Spax are double that. Other than price, does anyone have first hand knowledge of the differences between these brands? Thanks fellas, Luke. (yeah, I know about the Bilsteins from Lotus and I'm not interested)
  3. 159 GBP (~$250) from SJ. Plus shipping and duty, of course. Much better.
  4. The right one is weeping oil, but It's not that bed...yet.
  5. Thanks guys. I'll hit up SJ. I'm not going to pay $750 with out a fight.
  6. How much did you guys pay? I was quoted $740 (~468 GPB) yesterday by JAE here in the US and I was shocked. I paid $260 at the dealer for one in 2005, and while I realize that was 7 years ago, I don't understand how the price could have tripled.
  7. OEM oil coolers are damn expensive! Are there aftermarket options?
  8. I have Focals that fit fine. They're shown somewhere at the end of this video. [media=] I agree though that highend speakers are a huge waste of money. The Esprit is a horrible sound stage, especially with how the speakers are located in my car.
  9. Thanks Jason. I'm not sure that's true, but thanks. I'm just depressed because I feel that for the $70K+ I've spend modding and maintaining the car it should be further along and more complete -- internally the engine is stock, the car needs paint and body work, the interior could use a little sprucing up, etc. -- but I guess farming all the work out eats up money up quickly. Also, for the $130K I'm going to have in the car (mods + maintenance + purchase price) by the end of the year I wonder if I would have been better off buying an NSX, a 993TT, or a 355 ...back in 2004. Or even pe
  10. Where do you live? Maybe someone local has Freescan.
  11. No, Jeremy, it's $43K in the last two years and over only 2500 miles, which is about $18/mile. I think since I purchased the car I've unloaded nearly $100K, including the purchase price.
  12. I just tallied every dime (I have receipts for) that I’ve spent owning and modding my 1994 S4 since January 2010 (when I decided to get her back on the road after a 3+ year hibernation in a storage garage) and the number came to a staggering $43,587.94. I only paid $32K for the car in 2004! This includes a $250/mo rental garage, but does not include fuel or insurance. I want to be sick. To make matters worse, in that time my car was on the road for just the late summer of 2010 and the Spring/Early Summer of 2011 …and accumulated less than 2500 miles! I guess this reason I’m posti
  13. I would check your exhaust for dead rats, bunnies, or cats as Travis suggested.
  14. OK, this may be a little wonky and a little hard to follow but... Did anyone hear Jim Hall on the Autoblog podcast this week? The man is amazing. Anyway, near the end he mentions his brother Bob who, apparently, recently left his position as “Head of Product Planning and Programme Engineering” at Proton because, as Jim claims, Proton’s continued faith in Dany Bahar and the fact that he didn't want to be at Proton when Lotus shuts down. It went by quick and (sadly) wasn’t expanded upon, but I wonder if it’s true.
  15. I'm way to tired (lazy) to read all of that right now, but THANK YOU for putting it all together!!
  16. I think most people's biggest issue with the GM wheel is the feel, and I don't see how any kind of covering is going to do anything but make that worse.
  17. I've been working with a shop here and the US that's done great work on my S4 Engine Cover; really solid professional stuff. I think it would be cost prohibitive for you, though. You'd have to send them the pieces you'd want to recreate.
  18. I'm with Nello. I don't see the difference.
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