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  1. That boost gauge is notoriously inaccurate. Also, the actuator and the MAP aren't going to match exactly. The wastegate is going to begin to crack well before .8, plus you have to take barometric pressure into account. I don't know how the mechanical gauge handles that, but I imagine it's "calibrated" assuming sea level. Am I crazy?
  2. Did you promise to pull out and then not? Pffffff!! ..,Hummer Forum.
  3. JAE. About $1500 for an aluminum radiator and new fans.
  4. Well, not exactly. It's a stunningly beautiful country (outside the cities; except cape town) and the dollar is very strong, and the roads are great, and the plants and animals are crazy, but.. It's a dangerous, heavily privatized, very disparate place. ######
  5. I've lived here for 3.5 months and based mostly on anecdotal information I'd say the legal system and police force are massively fucked up. Firstly, there are no cops. I rarely see police in Durban and I have a long commute. I see tons of private security, of course. Secondly, the legal system seems as shameless as are the criminals. I've heard many stories murders buying their way out of jail time. Murders! I fear the fabric of this society is much, much, too thin. I'm not sure I could be here long term, as beautiful as it is.
  6. I routinely honk and flip those arrogant assholes the bird. Fuck them. They're a menace. Aren't they supposed to be limited to 80 anyway????
  7. Mike, You seem a little hell-bent on big horse power, which is great and noble, but the Esprit is not a car for bench racing. If you want to make massive power with out much effort, buy an Evo, a Supra, or a Vette. Look at all the work it took "Changes" to get to 400hp. It took what I can only imagine were 10s of thousands of dollars. Point being, any realistic measurement over 300 to the wheels is going to take a ton of money and engineering ...and planning. Ask Artie. Ask anyone. If you're not up to the engineering and mechanical task (as Arite is) than buying one of John's turbo's is your best bet by a mile. He's done a ton of them, he only works on 4cylinder Esrpits -- how niche is that! -- and the price is great. If you try to save a few $$ buying a turbo off eBay or from some shop, good though ii may be, it will not be what I think you're looking for. 330hp on a Mustang Dyno at the hub (running too much boost) and 273 at the wheels after a boost controller and a new alternator. on a Dyno Dynamics. Let me also add... I have a completely overhauled fuel system (pump thru injectors), a stainless steal exhaust manifold, a 3" exhaust, a high flow cat,AND an aluminum shift knob.
  8. I'm running the exact (AFAIK) turbo John is discussing. Mine may have even been the first installed. Anyway, here are some dynos:
  9. Wow! 150+! That blows my mind. Pretty impressive considering there were only, what, like 1700 relevant models ever made.
  10. I bet John will build you 15 at a discount and then you could sell them over time for a profit. Over a looooooooooong tiiiiiiiiiime....
  11. I wonder if John's sold 15 turbos ever. I don't think you'll be able to get more then 3 or 4 orders. Group Buys in the Esprit world are pitiful.
  12. Sounds like a job for Sanj - http://www.thelotusf...s/user/91-sanj/
  13. That really sucks about WC. I do live in Takoma Park, but I've relocated for a few months.
  14. Nothing? Or nothing bolt-on? As I said, I have a new design turbo from John that he installed himself last spring. I don't think it was that difficult, so I'm surprised he won't sell you one.
  15. Don't get involved with UK and European turbo builders. If, for whatever reason, you're not into what John is offering there are a million turbo shops in the US. Do you DIY Mike or do you use a local shop? If you're looking I can maybe suggest a couple engine builders.
  16. I doubt that's it, Steven. Any Esprit unique part is taken from the core that John requires. Why don't we just ask him? I got a turbo from John last summer and it isn't a ceramic bearing unit. He said it was a prototype for future generations. I highly doubt he's out of the upgrade business altogether.
  17. Before I tried to cobble together my own version I would want to know why he stopped making them.
  18. You can't go by the V8, it's got completely different wheels with completely different offsets. I'd say for an 8.5" wheel a 38mm spacer would be perfect for an arch-free car, in the rear
  19. I'd also add that don't get this "grown men crying" reaction. I found Senna to be an interesting character, but not a very sympathetic one.
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