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  1. Meh, I wasn't that impressed. It was very one dimensional. The move starts and he's amazing. The move ends and he's amazing. There wasn't much of an arch, really. i liked the score though!
  2. Does anyone happen to have pics of the factory cutting the body to fit the round light panel?
  3. Painting bulbs never works, maybe you could get an orange film to cover the lenses? I'm in College Park all the time!
  4. No real advice, but I've been trying to work with these guys on some modified fogs:
  5. Back to work... Katie Brownrigg Taratus and I will be in Durban, South Africa from 9/15 thru 12/15 as I try to remember how to do my job and Katie attempts to do hers remotely. Couch crashers will be considered on a "first come/most liked" basis. :)

  6. So clean! An inspiration to us all. A sobering thought to all our wives.
  7. Word, bother. Great news. Lets see those fuel lines!
  8. Rappers don't drive cars like that. Whoa.... bigoted old white man alert. But yeah, this is retarded. Lotus wants to be like Ferrari and Porsche, right? So why don't they ask themselves if this sounds like something either of those two classy companies would do?
  9. My first and second cars are pictured here. I'll let you all pick a winner.
  10. Julia Stiles has NOT aged well.

  11. Stansted?! That's a hell of a cab ride into the city. Too bad they can't land 747s at LCY. :-)
  12. Gonna learn to take some mother f'ers out today!

  13. What is the deal with MELANIE MOORE and the SYTYCD judges?!?!?! Her body is ugly, her expressions are off-putting.. ..she's just odd! Why do I feel like the only sane one watching the show? Ladies?

  14. Yes, the current LPC kit is shit. Buy the OEM panel and commit to the mod.
  15. Locally grown, locally raped: I just paid $15 for three tomatoes at the fruit stand.

  16. The upside of a financial crisis: cable news money honeys.

  17. Poke is when the tire sticks out past the arch. It all depends on how "fitted" you want the wheels to look, but yeah, I think S300 offsets on 19" rims with 305s (with the right aspect ratio) will suit you well. Here are some good tools to use:
  18. Working well for me.
  19. Lots of errors in Safari on iOS 4.3.5 The forums "work" but topics can't be read...
  20. How do you get a title with out a US VIN?
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