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  1. I just don't think the risks are worth the reward, that's all. Luke.
  2. It sure seems like a stand alone boost controller would go a long way to prevent boost spikes and smooth out the dips in my dyno plot, but I can't find anyone who's sucessfully installed one. It also seems like it should be fairly straight forward for an experienced tech to do, but what about the ECU? How can it be tricked into thinking it is controlling boost too? Has anyone here done this? If so, how'd it go and how does it perform? Many thanks!
  3. Are you answering my question with a riddle? I did away with the K&N for peace of mind. Luke.
  4. Nice Bibs! What make of wheels are those?? Luke.
  5. It's just down but if the outatage pertists it could be a boon for this board. Luke.
  6. I replaced my K&N today with a WIX paper filter but I was unsure which way it went. Its seems from Kato's site that the "veins" point away from the engine and out of the airbox, but this is counterintuitive. Which way is correct? Luke.
  7. Maybe, it has a weird Carfax history in that it is a 1994 but was not registered until 1996. Luke.
  8. Why do I have this power antenna when most cars of my era have a stubby one on the roof? Was it an option? Luke.
  9. I bought a new head unit at HiFi buys just days after I got my S4 (five months ago) but just had it installed today. Here are two bad pics: I went with a Clarion DXZ645MP because of the perceived simplicity of the design and the specs. Well, after all this time, I'm disappointed. Not by the sound quality -- because anything is better than the shitty JVC (stock?) unit that was in there -- but because of three really annoying features: 1) It's not smart enough to tell my power antenna to go down when it's not in Tuner mode. 2) It has this inane button next to the vo
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    Thanks Gentlemen!
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