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  1. I update my apps and OS obsessively. I'm currently using version 1.2.0 on iOS 4.3.5
  2. Thanks. Its been MONTHS by the way. I'd say 4ish
  3. I doubt that the factory has any on the shelf, but SJ may make replicas.
  4. I guess my "Front Toward Enemy" tee shirt idea wasn't as novel as I knew it probably wasn't. #notascleverasithinkiam

  5. Not that I know of, specifically, but they should fit with a little "poke". Maybe 10-20mm. I'd do probably like a +5mm or a 0mm offset. The S300 ran 10.5" wheels with 315s and a +6 offset,but it had some flares. So, like I said, I don't think you'll be able to do with with out some poke. Anyway, don't worry too much about the wheel diameter, get the offset right and you can (almost) squeeze those puppies in. I will be putting some 11" wheels on my car with a 0 offset, but I'll be running flares and a much narrower tire -- 275mm
  6. I haven't been able to use the IPB app in months. I get a "Login Faild" message. I've reinstalled the app a few times and, obviously, tipple checked my credentials. Any ideas?
  7. If you want big, pretty, brakes that are a serious upgrade but not way overkill for a street car (i.e., AP, Brembo, Alcon, etc) then see what PNM has to offer in "Hi Spec" brand setup for your car
  8. Very surprised to see Ben Collins in a segment! It seemed he'd really, really, pissed Jeremy off.
  9. Yeah, yeah... But 235 or 245?
  10. When did Boston turn into North Miami?

  11. TIRES, Bibs, not wheels... you sound like my wife confusing to two.
  12. Dave: Those look like some meaty tires in the front! What are you running?
  13. I'm too fat for this shit.
  14. Heat Index: "feels like" I'm gonna die.

  15. Mine is lightweight aluminum with a factory back finish. I love it.
  16. ...buying one as I type this!
  17. Just saw this great post by Shade on Lotus Talk:
  18. Hey fellas: I'm thinking of picking up some new hoops and, while ride comfort is a huge factor to me, I'm having a hard time convincing myself that another set of 17/18's are in order. So.... I'm hoping to see some pics of Esprits (Stevens and V8s) with 18's on the front and 19's on the rear. Watcha got? Here's a couple I already have... Internet Explorer Wallpaper.bmp
  19. You'll find no bigger expert. Wait the week.
  20. Could be your "ram air" mod. All that extra boost can really f' up the motor...
  21. Are you serious? I'd move to Chicago just to be close to John. Seriously. You're lucky to have access.
  22. You heard it hear first: ***Michelle Bachmann's husband is GAY***. I guarantee you something will come out about him and "masseuse", "intern", or some other fella. $5 to anyone who wants to bet.

  23. Ah... the MK1 Elise. Such a cool looking car. The envy of many Americans (we didn't get them till the ugly MK2s)... enjoy!
  24. 1) How do you make something like that from nothing??? It blows my mind. 2) With all that skill why not design something of your own? This blows my mind as well.
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