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  1. The wife, of course. My love for the car is unwavering.
  2. I've been there, man! I often want to say "F' it" and focus my love on something else.
  3. I like what you did with the trunk. It's a shame to lose the space, but it looks clean.
  4. This is what you call overdone. There are a few interesting elements, but all together it's an awful blob. Why people "mold" body pieces together to the point where there are no line is beyond me. It makes a car look like a kit.
  5. Today is Thursday lol. I like pizza lol. lol lol. Shoot me. lol.

  6. A high horsepower wide body 5G Civic Hatch An M100 Any current generation Forgiato wide body Camaro A 'bagged and channeled mini truck A "hellaflush" mini van with lots of camber.
  7. Its yours, Dan. Can anyone confirm that the hole in the back is normal? I'm worried there's supposed to be a nipple there for the vacuum line.
  8. Pay Pal me shipping and it's yours.
  9. ...and the accused has become the accuser.
  10. Corvette rules. Amazing recovery after the loss of 74.
  11. Who gave you the black eye, Bibs?
  12. It's been my experience that things in England -- sweaters, hamburgers, salaries, etc - are about as much (in absolute terms) as they are here in the US, they're just priced in pounds. :-)
  13. I’m not sure what Adventists believe in, but Jewish doctors and efficient care are definitely not commandments.

  14. 100 degrees! I'm *still* too fat for this shit!! ...though I have lost 25lbs since last summer. ;)

  15. I'd love to know the sales numbers. I bet less than 50 Evora's have been sold. Maybe less. How do you run an operation on that? It's almost like they need to go into hibernation until the Esprit returns.
  16. Round lights, but NOT with the "adapter" panel like I have, get the OEM panel.
  17. No more Elise/Exige for North America So what the heck does Lotus NA do for the next three or four years? I know they're not moving any Evoras. Very odd.
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