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  1. I'm talking about removing that completely. Manufacture nothing. Assemble nothing. Just do the design, maintain the dealer network, brand, etc..
  2. Hummmm..... I like the idea of a car manufacturer that doesn't actually manufacture anything. Seriously. It's how Ikea and Apple do it. They design and the building gets farmed out. Interesting idea.
  3. "Yes it's my dick, yes it's big, and yeah I set it. She's hot. What else can I say?" ...if you had just said that, Anthony, you'd be SO much better off. When will they learn?

  4. Ummm.... no. ...and in Esprit terms 100 units is far from "limited".
  5. Nice car. Love the interior. So much work to do..... suspension, wheels, exhaust....
  6. Idle is always rough when warming up. Idle is also rough (even when warm) when the A/C compressor kicks on. 55C is about as I high as I usually get after a long warm up. After driving she stays just to the left of of vertical when moving and can creep towards red on a hot day in traffic.
  7. No tenants!!! Let's make some noise!

  8. I use a custom shop that did a wrap for a huge Hockey star here in DC. It looks great, but it cost about as much as a color change would have -- ~$12K I'm told . You get what you pay for! There's only ONE reason to do a wrap: its reversible. Paint is better in every other way.
  9. I think a Nissan VQ (350Z, 370Z, and everything else with a V6) would be great in an Esprit. Especially supercharged.
  10. Good deal. You deserve it. You've put together a very important and informative site. Perhaps now you won't bitch about it being a thankless job?
  11. Are you using a standard turbo? I don't have an boost charts before my new turbo (sadly) but with the new one boost was all over the place on back-to-back runs. Now it's quite stable.
  12. I can't find any documentation on the subject. What I do know is that the boost control before and after the installation of the aftermarket controller is night vs. day. I didn't install it to get more boost, just consistent boost.
  13. Erik: what I think you said (in what can only be refereed to as engineering speak; are you German? ) is that the capsule can only cycle so many times in a second, and that value is far less 40, true? If so, that makes sense, but how do you now this? What are the factors involved? I.E.: does the spring pressure effect the rate? Also, is there harm in having more data points? It seems to me that having more data will only make things smoother, even if not every point will be used every time. My setup is straight forward. The OEM solenoid is disconnected from both vacuum lines, but still connected to the ECU. The new solenoid is connected to both vacuum lines and electronically connected to the Controller.
  14. My 2 cents: So what? While 40 times a second sounds fast, we're talking about real time processing here. How many times a second are other routines run? How fast are other boost controllers? With out a context I don't think you can claim 25 milliseconds is adequate. For example: @ 6000 RPM you're getting more the twice the combustion cycles as you are boost adjustments. Is that enough?
  15. If you say so, man, but it doesn't sound like you're convinced it works!
  16. Show me. Unless it uses the same voltage rage as the OEM solenoid and the wires from the ECU and from the boost controller are switched, I can't see how this is done.
  17. Define normal? Do you mean back to the spring pressure?
  18. WOW! A friend! :-)

  19. No idea, but i LOVE your paint!
  20. You sure about that? All the models I'm aware of use their own solenoids. If you had the trunk panel off you could swap solenoids pretty easily (mine is still connected and hanging out), but as far as switching them...
  21. That's what I was seeing on my first couple runs, but after 45 minutes on the dyno they crept up quite a bit. I have an electric pump, but I could probably use some new radiators at some point.
  22. Guys.... are you referring to the log I linked to or the one I posted a screenshot of? If the latter: remember the WG DC posted there is irrelevant as the boost controller is in charge, not the ECU. Mine seem to hit at 54/55 at full go...what do yours hit?
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