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  1. Back to work... Katie Brownrigg Taratus and I will be in Durban, South Africa from 9/15 thru 12/15 as I try to remember how to do my job and Katie attempts to do hers remotely. Couch crashers will be considered on a "first come/most liked" basis. :)

  2. Julia Stiles has NOT aged well.

  3. Gonna learn to take some mother f'ers out today!

  4. What is the deal with MELANIE MOORE and the SYTYCD judges?!?!?! Her body is ugly, her expressions are off-putting.. ..she's just odd! Why do I feel like the only sane one watching the show? Ladies?

  5. Locally grown, locally raped: I just paid $15 for three tomatoes at the fruit stand.

  6. The upside of a financial crisis: cable news money honeys.

  7. I guess my "Front Toward Enemy" tee shirt idea wasn't as novel as I knew it probably wasn't. #notascleverasithinkiam

  8. When did Boston turn into North Miami?

  9. Heat Index: "feels like" I'm gonna die.

  10. You heard it hear first: ***Michelle Bachmann's husband is GAY***. I guarantee you something will come out about him and "masseuse", "intern", or some other fella. $5 to anyone who wants to bet.

  11. Today is Thursday lol. I like pizza lol. lol lol. Shoot me. lol.

  12. I’m not sure what Adventists believe in, but Jewish doctors and efficient care are definitely not commandments.

  13. 100 degrees! I'm *still* too fat for this shit!! ...though I have lost 25lbs since last summer. ;)

  14. "Yes it's my dick, yes it's big, and yeah I set it. She's hot. What else can I say?" ...if you had just said that, Anthony, you'd be SO much better off. When will they learn?

  15. No tenants!!! Let's make some noise!

  16. WOW! A friend! :-)

  17. Has anyone in airline history every told the captain "there is something [they] could do to make [their] flight more enjoyable?"

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