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  1. Has anyone in airline history every told the captain "there is something [they] could do to make [their] flight more enjoyable?"

  2. No tenants!!! Let's make some noise!

  3. "Yes it's my dick, yes it's big, and yeah I set it. She's hot. What else can I say?" ...if you had just said that, Anthony, you'd be SO much better off. When will they learn?

  4. 100 degrees! I'm *still* too fat for this shit!! ...though I have lost 25lbs since last summer. ;)

  5. I’m not sure what Adventists believe in, but Jewish doctors and efficient care are definitely not commandments.

  6. Today is Thursday lol. I like pizza lol. lol lol. Shoot me. lol.

  7. You heard it hear first: ***Michelle Bachmann's husband is GAY***. I guarantee you something will come out about him and "masseuse", "intern", or some other fella. $5 to anyone who wants to bet.

  8. Heat Index: "feels like" I'm gonna die.

  9. WOW! A friend! :-)

  10. Back to work... Katie Brownrigg Taratus and I will be in Durban, South Africa from 9/15 thru 12/15 as I try to remember how to do my job and Katie attempts to do hers remotely. Couch crashers will be considered on a "first come/most liked" basis. :)

  11. I guess my "Front Toward Enemy" tee shirt idea wasn't as novel as I knew it probably wasn't. #notascleverasithinkiam

  12. When did Boston turn into North Miami?

  13. The upside of a financial crisis: cable news money honeys.

  14. Locally grown, locally raped: I just paid $15 for three tomatoes at the fruit stand.

  15. What is the deal with MELANIE MOORE and the SYTYCD judges?!?!?! Her body is ugly, her expressions are off-putting.. ..she's just odd! Why do I feel like the only sane one watching the show? Ladies?

  16. Gonna learn to take some mother f'ers out today!

  17. Julia Stiles has NOT aged well.

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