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  1. Hi Robin

    I do. I'll try and get a photo and post it. I think it cost £600 but I'm open to offers.


  2. hi do you still have this rear clam if so how much you looking for on it? thanks

  3. Hi I have an unpainted rear clamshell for sale which I boughtb and never used. Not sure where to sell it. When I go to the for sale bit of this site it redirects me to what looks like a porn site!!!!
  4. jackg

    2-eleven bodywork

    Bibs Been onto your man and I think he has come up trumps. Many thanks, you are a gentleman Jx
  5. jackg

    2-eleven bodywork

    Following a bit of an off at Goodwood, I am trying to source a front clam shell and a rear moulding. B&C have said that Lotus are concentrating on Evora so any 2-eleven bits are on 3 month back order. So does anyone know where I can get bodywork. Thanks jack
  6. Bit of fun on saturday at Odiham track day. There is a 1 mile straight and my 2-eleven would hit 140. For a giggle, I took off the rear wing, I have the big one (phnarr!) and it did 145! Very oversteery on the fast right though. Just thought I'd share Jack
  7. Yes sorry. I had loads of replys and sold them the first day! Im also selling my 2-11 though if anyone wants that? Build no. 49,.
  8. I'm going to The Ring and then Spa from 11 to 14 July. I drove the 2-11 there last year and didn't enjoy it too much so wanted to tow it. Does anyone have a trailer I could borrow/hire/steal or even buy? Many thanks Jack ps Is anyone else going? It with RMA
  9. Hi Andrew of Maidstone cars Would love to talk to you about the 2-11 at some point when you are finished. Perhaps I'll nip obver and see how it's going Jack
  10. Edika Could I have the contact details of the people who are doing the conversion? I Would be really interested to speak to you when the car is done. I love my 2-11 but hate the gearbox and would love more power. The new sequential box is tres cher for just just track days so not for me. The honda sounds like an option. Now the 500 bhp V8 from the Atom/Caterham sounds the real deal. Anyone fancy splitting the development costs with me? Jack
  11. I booked myself in for this and apparently there are 2 other 2-elevens booked in. Anyone from here? Jack
  12. Nick I can't get through to Russ or Adrian. Can I have a set please? Jack
  13. Just got my car back with upgraded ECU and decat pipe. Feels stronger at the top end and makes a nicer noise. Not sure which mod makes the difference but something is! First track day anyone? Jx
  14. Thanks I'll pull it off (phnarr!) this weekend and get it up (phnarr!) to Lotus next week. Jx
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