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  1. Well, four possibilities 1. Search at your motor factors for a different length rod end 2. If the male thread is bottoming, shorten it 3. If the female thread is running out of male thread, shorten it 4. Combination of 2 and 3 As long as there is a good length of thread engagement then all is well.
  2. Sell it as is for whatever you can get for it. Do not waste time trying to get it started or the like. If you need to move it to your place to enable the selling process just get it towed. D
  3. Well I had some time over Xmas and so with some help from my son (it will be his Elite) the engine was installed. We fitted a new gearbox mount and checked the driveshaft prior to slotting the engine in. It was very straight forward. The front bumper was off so give some extra reach for the engine crane. the car was supported by the hoist and the gearbox was adjusted with with trolley jack.
  4. Changing the belt is easy and cheap, a no-brainer really
  5. All the best to fellow wedge owners in the UK from Down Under. We read with great concern of the current covid situation you are facing. Fortunately he we have all but eliminated the virus as we head into summer and are hopeful that a vaccine will be readily available before we enter winter 2021.
  6. Can you source a non-assisted steering rack as some of the earlier cars used?
  7. Pete, I thought of dowelling the cam carriers but it is a lot of work as you have to get them properly aligned in the first instance and then mill a new hole through the carrier into the head so that the holes align. Even using a roll pin at the front is fraught, what is needed at both ends is a proper solid ground dowel in a proper size hole for proper location after they are aligned. In the end I thought that I would wing it and see what eventuates. Hopefully the miracle of modern sealants might solve the issue. I have glued the gasket to the carrier in the first instance then used hi-temp T
  8. Well to name a few easy ones............ 1. As the cylinder line is at 45 degrees to the horizontal, the thrust loads on the main bearing caps is concentrated on one main bearing retaining bolt (like a V8 engine). Most performance V8 engines have four bolt mains to counter the issue. Perhaps at only 80 HP/litre the stresses are insufficient to cause trouble but I wonder if the later turbo engines were 4 bolt mains. 2. There is no positive location via dowels between the cam carriers and the cylinder head. The fitting then becomes a real task as the cam wheels have to be cl
  9. Pete, yes I am using an electric water pump from Davies Craig, a local firm just down the road. The adjuster is the one that was on the engine. The actual adjustment is done on the the rear eccentric hexagon, then it is held in place with the front eccentric hexagon and finally locked up with the centre through bolt. I have no idea if it is correct or not but it was easy to adjust once I made a suitable open-ended spanner and I cannot see it ever backing off. This was my first exposure to a 907 engine and in my opinion it is not a good design. There are many weaknesses.
  10. After lots of advice from people on the Forum I have finished assembling the engine for our Elite and hopefully will install it in the coming weeks.
  11. Try Steve Taylor at Lotus Marques in Australia. He has some odd-ball stuff manufactured.
  12. Does anybody know if Gary Kemp is still operating in these difficult Corona times. I have attempted to contact him via his website shop and by telephone without success. D
  13. Thanks Michael, I will have a look at that.
  14. So it turns off the cooling of the air so that the fan just blows ambient air through into the cabin. A quick and easy way to increase the cooling instantaneously is to open the windows.
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