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  1. Check the basics........... 1. does it have spark at the spark plug. 2. as you had the distributor out, has it been replaced in the correct orientation, are the leads in the correct order, is it timed correctly 2. does it have fuel If the answer to all of the above is YES then it should start and run. If you do not have spark at the plugs I would be looking to see if the points are adjusted correctly and wired correctly. If it is an electronic ignition then test by substitution. Good luck with the diagnosis and rectification.
  2. If they were like the period MGBs they would be turn indicators.
  3. OK, t'is back from the paint shop. It is a cheap and cheerful paint job in Carnival Red. It is quite acceptable. The engine is next. I have it out due to a bent valve. It needs a freshen up which I will do.........rings, bearings, gaskets and seals, timing belt and so on.. Then drop it back in.
  4. Thanks Clive. My car has been painted and is looking great. I hope to pick it up next week. The engine work has ground to a halt at the moment but will pick up in a couple of weeks once I source a few parts I need. David
  5. I'm new to Elite ownership. Where might I find the "Parts Spreadsheet" ?
  6. Not yet, I will take some when it returns from the paint shop and post them. I'm not big on photos...........too busy chasing my tail !
  7. Clive, the paint will cost $2500, cost of car $500, engine...........perhaps $1000 ( I do all my own work), another $2000 for unknowns............say $6000 all up. It will be a nice car for the price. Even if it blows out by 50% it is still a low cost classic Lotus. David
  8. Clive, thanks for the confirmation that IL05 actually exists as a paint code. Like you I think it probably should be just L05 Carnival Red. Do I see Tasmanian number plates on your car? I am located just outside Melbourne and my car resided in Williamstown (Melbourne suburb by the sea) from 1992 until I purchased it late last year as a partially completed project car for $500, which was probably $500 too much given the amount I will now spend on it. The owner changed the timing belt after it had been sitting by the sea for 23 years. He cranked it over and a piston hit a stuck exhaust valve in #4 cylinder. I have the engine out and will refresh it fully. It joins our Type14 Elite, S1 Seven Climax, Elan +2 and Type 111 S1 Elise with Honda K20 power ! We are also into MGs, I race an MGB and in 2017 we dove our MGB GT from Bangkok to Iran along the Silk Roasd in company with seven other MGBs en-route to Abingdon UK. I crashed my car in northern Iran but shipped it back and have just finished repairing it. We intend shipping it to the UK later this year for a return journey from Abingdon to Melbourne via Russia and so on. Is your car parked in Tassie ? Cheers...........David
  9. This is not my car but it does show the same colour Here is another one the same colour.......almost
  10. I am trying to ascertain the factory colour code for a recently purchased Elite. The Unit number of the car is 76/120474B. Engine number is N7761013299 I am in Australia. There is a "code" hand-engraved (not stamped) on the ID plate on the inside RH wheel arch. It is very difficult to actually make out what is engraved. The car is orange in colour. The code engraved could be any of the following depending how much you squint your eyes: I005 (as in "eye" 005) IL05 2765 The sources I have looked at indicate that L05 is a red colour (Carnival Red) rather than orange. The car was repainted in the mid 90's but the clearly original paint in the door shuts and other places look the same as the "new" paint. T's a bit of a mystery really. Can anybody shed any light on the issue? TIA...........David
  11. dmottram


    Hi to all you lucky people who have a 2eleven. I do not have one but am interested in them. My current garage does contain a few Lotus but not a 2eleven. David 1959 S1 Seven C 1963 Elite Super 95 1964 Elan S1 1968 Elan +2 2000 Elise S1
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