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    Lotus 340r Register

    Hi I updated the register a while back as I have :- no 1 no 144 but it does not seem to have updated ? Just checking the one I wrote of Number to check as well
  2. couple of points. 1) My gearbox 1900 miles is shredded ! yes I DO beat the syncro I am told, but my little 340r box is hammerd with 240bhp as well and has lasted 10 years ? I have had it rebuilt BUT I do not really want to keep doing it , 1900 miles !! Ideas, better box, comments welcomed.Surely the 211 box should not be this weak? I am NOT the only person to have the box rebuilt in very short time, it seems a little unfair that this is NOT a warrany job. a track day works the car FAR harder than any race weekend, you are welcome to come on ANY of the track days and see how the cars are put through there paces. 2) anyone got an engine, mine went pop at Donnington today, I am supposed be racing 17/18/19 and after a BIG rebuild from my littel accident the car looks amazing, handles stunningly ( thanks to GT4 suspension) and set up with Stephen and FSR. BUT I am in need of an engine, we have not got 100% to the bottom of the issue as yet or if we have it is in debate between a few people
  3. hi Mine is 209 a the hubs ( not rolling road) at TDi power, making about 338 and it weighs 760kgs in race prep with a few ltrs of fuel. Lotus race here say its normal ! The car is still very quick, my 340r is 220 bhp with 630 kgs but the 211 still pulls away out of bends ( not into them under brakihng though :-) ) oops forgot to say, Lotus sport have a 280 upgrade ECU ready that does then give us the real power. Not ready to hand out as yet.
  4. twill be 3 cars I reckon, so we can use the wider bit of the A12 and let everyone wait like very bad children, I have to admit we used to do this on country lanes when much younger, I have grown up now honest.
  5. sounds great.. my mobi is 07850 766786 , sadly I am away for two weeks in the USA on Business then end of the month up to Outlen park for another Lotus on Track race. must go faster on long bends is the thing I need to tell myself.
  6. Fantastic, have to hook up sometime, there seems to be a few around Essex area now. will keep my eyes open, hard to miss though. I use mine on the road as well, often in the Boreham BP filling up
  7. Tyre pressures, I ran 16 front and rear at Spa, long track pretty hot, lots of bends, The rear tryes seem to wear very badly ( AO48 m) not LTS. Generally I am running 18 rear 18 front but not 100% sure about this yet need more time in the car. Track 1mm out front l and r 2.25 mm in rear both sides. as low as it can go which is not that low in fact. Just playing with bump and rebound, but basically i am crap with changes, again its all about track time and playing with the car more. Cheers
  8. Reverie made my wing to exact spec as Lotus one other than Carbon side plates inplace of alloy.
  9. will be there, car is available if you want it. Mark
  10. Cheers, I will get my head around the info, I just heard from FSR ( Full Speed Racing) Mark Speller that they have now done a LOT of work to Martin Donnelly's Silver 211 for Oulten park so this will also be interesting. Lotus basically have the 270bhp upgrade ready and will announce this shortly. For myself I want to leave my car well alone and wait to see what the LOTRDC series deceides in the way of regs so I dont waste money. Lotus Sport were at spa and even tkaing the grill mesh out of the vents for the supercharger intakes makes a differeance but more can be had if you open the slot in the wing up as much as you can. I had noted this had been done to the white 211 run by FSR as well, not that I think it can make much differance. The cars just looked great with the carbon lid and aero screen, loe to have this but then the car is non standard, so I will await the rules. Easy car to drive round the traack, I still dont have what it takes for fast bends yet, need more track time.
  11. cheers, I am here the rest of the week love to, name a time and I will see if it all works out. Thanks, it was a great weekend.
  12. Spa was fantastic. Lots of 211s racing from all over Europe and Mr Donnelly in the silver one, that had to go up to Group C, so Speller took weight out, got it up to about 265 bhp and Mr Donnelly went for it, coming second overall in the 30 mion race and winning the 40 mion race as Walshy in his monster car had to refuel. We had all thought that the 211s would not acheive 40 mins in a race so all cars ( other than some of the cup ones) short shifted a little and concerved fuel( not easy in a race) even I used 5th and 6th a lot which was damn hard for me. The car was UNREAL, loved it more than ever. First race I rand out of fuel I finished but for nearly 2 laps the fuel surge was like switching the ignition off, its was really annoying. I stalled just before the last corner and could see the flag, but pulled into the pit lane and stuttered across the line through the pits. great news was i got a position 15th which is where I started the next race . I had been 2nd in class and 5th overall until then and the car had done well. Race 2, 40 mins, we jacked the car up, and it took and extra 4 ltrs of fuel, rammed the cap on and out we went. 15th on the grid. Spa had been a little shocked at the aggresive starts the LOT series has and spaced the first 32 cars out on the F1 grid so we did not have accidents and so many cars into each other on the first bends (See David Harvey's poor old 340r into the wall, sorry to see that Dave, horrible). Somehow I had a monster start( first time ever) and was in 6 or 7th by the Uniroyal straight and then up O'Rouge somehow I was in 5th, having gone past 3 other 211s, wow what a great feeling I have to say, and with new tyres the car felt alive, very happy indeed. I pitted early about lap 5 and then I had no idea where I was and did not see another groub B car or 211 until the end of the race. AMAZING I came 2nd in B to Ben Pitch who does drive better than I do anyway in a Honda powered Elise S1 and 5th overall , Donnelly (211) Walshy Supercharged Honda, Chris Supercharged Honda, Ben Pitch Hoda elise and then myself. What a place, what a weekend, well done to Paul Golding and everyone, also to Maidstone boys Mark and martin, Mr 340r managed to break its crank ! so 211 is the car daily for me now. Please note there are issues with some of the electronic cut offs fitted and my car drains its battery over night every time now, so this needs a fix. The brakes with new AP grooved discs performed perfectly, the Surge on low fuel is another thing to watch on fast bends and something I know Lotus are looking into. The overseas teams 211s where stunning and its a shock to see how much they are modified already. OH and don't take any notice of the fuel guage, after 40 mins it said I still had half a tank but the first race of 30 mins I went out only 1 bar short of full and ran out ! oh well. Lotus sport say the 270 bhp uprgade kit is with us very soon, but I hope our Lotus race series nails the regs on the 211s ASAP so I don't make the mistake of spending the money I did on my 340r. some pics. more pics
  13. Speller who looks after Donnellys car has to clean the holes out every single race without fail. But I was particularly hard on the brakes and not being used to ABS on a race car I am sure I have been over using them..
  14. I am away for a couple of weeks will let you know as soon as I am back. Quick note ref race at Brands BOTH Gav and I have now put AP 295 discs on, the standard ones had died after an hour or track day use, even with a new set of Pagid 14s they brakes had gone. The standard ones need the holes cleaning every 30 minutes to keep them working. I have put softer RS42 pads on with the 295s for now to see how they go. Other than me getting lazy in race 2 and braking early becuase of laziness and a different feeling to the brakes and concern over the brakes, the car was fantistic. Drove there and drove home, sadly the other two cars cannot be said the same for at A1. I will take out the rear inner mudguards, as these stop all the air from the front top vents getting to the lovely vents at the rear and cooling both brakes and tyres ( which suffer a lot). This will also aid less drag and top speed. It looks like it was designed like this and the plastic inner wings added as an after thought. Of course some armourfend will go inside the wings other wise the stones will go through the lovely organge bobcat colour. All up great car, bad driver..
  15. Gooday

    BOBCAT 211

    hope to be there for 4 ish, trouble getting both cars there at the moment thats all and picking up the rear spoiler from Reverie, the car from Speller havign been set up and fire ext fitted etc, damn I dont have the time this running around in fact but hey hopefully this is the last running about now as both cars are race ready at last.
  16. Hey just up the road, hope to hook up some time for a beer Mark
  17. Gooday

    BOBCAT 211

    I will get more pictures at Brands on Monday night, with race mods to post as well, thats if its all done today and Reverie had built the spoiler in time ( I am sure he will , he is very good on deadlines. No problems come and say hi, if you are taking pics the old 340r is great. BTW, the 340r is 640 kgs race prepped with a 1900 scholar ( does 240 bhp ) but restricted to 195 for the class B races, its a pity I am so damn heavy it defeats all that weight reduction cheers see you Monday.
  18. 127- Bobcat Orange- Mark Gooday - Essex UK
  19. Gooday

    Club Lotus Trackday

    I may be able to make it as well in BOB ( the organge 211)
  20. BOB the 211 had its first track day, fantastic..... poor old 340r might miss out, but Monday night at brands is head to head on a track I know, one against the other with myself and Chris Randell, should prove interesting. just have fire , cut off and spoliers fitted as Lotus could not get a rear for me in time for A1 GP, Reverie are making one ( the same so regs are correct).
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