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  1. Tam, no- Bibs has just uploaded the pics! Still for sale. Only just got around to organising the pics for the site. Next week i'll stick it on the usual motorsport website also. cheers A
  2. After Speaking to a few dealerships across the country, my impression is that they would mark the car up at around
  3. Selling as i need my garage back! Launch colours (Black Yellow) The correct colours Approx 2500 miles. Roadgoing. No upgrades. Brand new exhaust.(Original rattling just changed on warranty) Just had full service at 'Lipscombe'. Cars in perfect nick except for a view small stone chips at the front (which are unavoidable) Still under warranty. Been well looked after and will be sad to see it go. Looking for emails of interest in the first instance. The car will go to the highest offer over
  4. I'm selling my 7 month old 'Racebox' trailer. It's a highly crafted 'racebox' by 'DG Trailers' which is built on the 'Brian James A Max' transport trailer. This 'racebox' has a folding tow poll so that it can fit into many garages. Brian James actually recommend 'DG Trailers' if you want a covered trailer with a folding tow poll as Brian James do not actually manufacture a covered Trailer with folding TP. The 'Racebox' has an electric winch, side door, tool shelf and tyre racks. It has so far towed a 'Lotus 2 Eleven' (Around 800 kilos) and tows fantastically. I've been loading and unloading my car easily without assistance because of the winch. The "Racebox' is very practical if staying over night at a meeting or trackday and as the roof is a 'daylight roof' it can double as your H.Q on the day. I have all the reciepts for the trailer which cost
  5. Suppose i've done about 2100 miles of which approximately 1600 must be on track. Getting a trailer cuts back on the motorway miles. So i don't use on the road at all at the mo. Thanks, I've the stick somewhere just haven't had a good look through of late. Good, that means i've not been over doing it too much on the 'servicing' as i've had all fluids changed with filters plus brake fluid. Maybe the brake fluid's been changed a little early but as you use the brakes so much harder on track this makes sense. cheers for the heads up guys
  6. Thats what i would have expected i suppose. A check over before/ after each event and oil and filer change maybe every 5000 mils or 6 months but Lotus is recommending a service every 500 miles or 4 hour if used on closed circuits or competition which sounds excessive A service at an authorised garage will be in the region of
  7. I'm trying to find out what the servicing schedule is for the car. It seems to be a bit of a grey area. It would, i imagine, depend on how hard you drive the car and whether on or off track. If you use the car only for trackdays twice a month what would you say was needed??
  8. thanks, will give them a tinkle nearer to the time. See if they can fit me in
  9. I wil look out for you at Brands ok the 9th. Paul
  10. who do you book that through? Or is it only for its customers??
  11. 9th July at Brands with Heritage 17th July Snetterton with Heritage 20t Aug at Brands with LOT will probably also go for the 15th September '2 eleven day' at Snet
  12. hmm, l'll check mine over the weekend as its in a trailer in a garage , but sure the light was not coming on even when at Zero the last time i checked. I defo. prefer feeling the car start to go rather than rely on looking at the dash for a flickering light
  13. Always use full tc in the wet. Have felt it snap out when damp, as i was too confident with the tc on. I was wondering if the more experienced drivers prefer it on or off and if it makes a great difference to their lap times. Also, just looked at the instructions and the light only stays on in dash when tc is completely turned off or the 'dial' is set to zero tc, which makes sense.
  14. Do people use their traction control? If so at what kind of percentage. I think i prefer mine off completely or quite low as i find the car does not suddenly snap out. I can feel the limit more when its low. Recently, i've noticed that the light on the dash is not coming on when the light on the button is on. I seem to remember that it use to come on??
  15. i'm now officially not a lurker!
  16. They need to add to the list a robust waterproof 'cockpit cover' for use when towing. i know they were working on a trailer for the 2 Eleven. Not sure how far they got with it.
  17. i noticed on my car it comes in (when being washed) between the screen and bodywork
  18. Andy Totten no: 61 launch Edition/ colours. Locksbottom in Kent
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