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  1. Thanks Bibs, have done. Cheers
  2. A heads up to anybody bidding on this item. These wheels were stolen from my garage and the matter is being investigated by the police. Please do not bid on them.
  3. Waited 9 months for mine which is not unusual bearing in mind Jim is a one man operation but as the last post said it is worth the wait
  4. Having a 250 Cup a know for a fact it is going to be a fantastic car in pure isolation as a driving machine. The problems is in IMHO is that 1) the car STARTS at 60k, once you spec it with the gold paint, titanium exhaust, air con etc is becomes a 70k car which is a lot of money for an Elise in anybody's book and 2) the new model is only a couple of years away. Not sure what customer demographic Lotus are going for with this car. It's very expensive for a road car/track day car and not exotic enough for anybody who has the money for a pure trackday toy i.e BAC Mono, Radical etc.To m
  5. My issue is this, as a die hard Lotus fan having owned an original S1 Elise/340r/Exige GT3/211/V6Cup and currently n Elise 250 Cup is that Lotus not only appear to be losing the plot but appear to have no respect for either their client base or their dealerships. i get that all car manufacturers produce various versions of their models, what I object to is that the bring out a newer better version before the initial buyers of the previous model have even received their cars. i am sure anyone who have ordered a 430 Cup Evora must be wondering if there will be a 450 etc version before
  6. No as only one way permitted plus the car exceeds the max power to weight ratio of 260 bhp per tonne
  7. 450 Evora Cup imminently no doubt. I would expect some bargains to be had on the 380 Cups from the dealers who added them to their stock. £70,000 Elise’s/£100,000 Exiges/£125,000 Evora’s !!! Wonder if the build quality has improved significantly when you look at the 211 refurbish thread and you see all the corner cutting back then. Hopefully at these prices they have
  8. Hi Mick, Interested in buying a set for my Elise, any chance of a discount? Cheers Paul
  9. I wouldn't bother. Just out of curiosity I asked the dealer I bought my car from what I would get for my less than a year old 250 Cup in part exchange and was told £37,500. You can get a whole lot of upgrades to your car for a tenth of depreciation price. Also don't forget campers, Lotus 70 anniversary is just around the corner so there is bound to be a new version to celebrate that, maybe a 2-70 Cup
  10. Doesn't take too many ticks of the extras box to get over £70,000 which is crazy for an Elise or any 4 cylinder car for that matter and close to the Evora 400 /Exige 350 Sport which makes you wonder who will buy one. And as far as residuals go, there are a number of 250 Cups for sale in the region of £40,000 or a 30% depreciation. There are so many new "Specials" now that I don't think they will appreciate in price, look what 220 Cups now go for. A pound to a penny that before 2020 's new Elise there will be many more reincarnations. A clear example of the law of diminishing re
  11. Hi Mick, I purchased a set of mirrors from you and I need a new set of countersunk screws. Is it possible to buy them?. Thanks Paul
  12. But no-one in their right mind is going to pay GBP 100,000 for one no matter what. Must be a speculative punt to see what happens
  13. I see on Pistonheads that there is now one advertised for £100,00!!! Bet it stays there for a long time. The vendor must have gotten taken up with crazy prices for Porsches etc
  14. No, you will need the extended Steering Wheel Spacer. It will mean however that your indicator stalk is more than a fingertip away
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