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  1. All ready have mine !! (Reverie can also do carbon ones)
  2. Very nice car but a bit OTT for a toy when you add up the extras especially £3,500/£4,000 for a paint job. Not a lot of car to paint !! Also how come a carbon seat for the driver is £800 but for the passenger £2,000 surely a mistake £2,500 for 2 way dampers and £2,500 for a fire extingusher, come on Lotus get real
  3. Very nice indeed. IMHO Jim is the best exhaust system man out there.
  4. 1. No airbags on the Cup. 2. Yes there is somewhere to rest your foot. 3. No, just learn to use that lost art of heal and toeing/double declutching gives you much more satisfaction when you get it right. 4. Depends if you want the latest thing to pose with. More power is always nice but quite frankly on the road there is nowhere you can really use it. OK the sills are wide and make getting in and out less easy than a conventional car but can't remember the last Lotus that was easy to get in and out of. Apart form The Pits point about side impact protection I personally like the wide sills as it adds to a sense of occasion and specialness about getting in and out over your average car.
  5. pgn340r


    Not sure what that will achieve if all they are going to display the 311. Looks somewhat a half-hearted attempt I have to say.
  6. Had 3 in the 7 years of ownership of my 211. Apparently a common failure Jack
  7. Seems to me that what started out as a simple comment about being shocked by the trade in price of the V6 Cup, seems to have turned into a tirade where the person has been vilified from everything from his judgement, driving skill , driving in a responsible manner and even his wife. Come on guys I thought this was a friendly forum and not like some of the others out there and have now appeared to have driven away a guy whom seems a genuine fan of the car.
  8. Yes must admit I am worrying what my Mrs is worth now too All joking aside, the minute you drive the car off the showroom floor you take a big hit. I have actual experience of this, bought a 240 Cup and a week later whilst visiting Festival of Speed saw the 211 and knew I had bought the wrong car. Sold it back to the dealer with under a 100 miles on the clock ordered a 211 and took a £5,000 hit. 211 cost £42,000 and exchanged it 7 years later for my V6 cup and got £35,000 for it ( admittedly I hate to think how much I spent on upgrades !!) Hopefully the Cup will maintain its value the longer you keep it.
  9. I would say that air con is pretty much an essential as it can get pretty hot in the cabin. Also it will effect the residual price of the car when you come to sell it/trade it in. I very much doubt you will notice the added weight. If you do, just don't fill the tank full of fuel !! Paul
  10. pgn340r


    If we are being honest I think at that price and specialist nature then Lotus will struggle to sell 311 no matter how good the car may be.
  11. pgn340r


    Not seeing it the flesh, I have to say not the prettiest Lotus I have even seen, Especially from the cockpit back
  12. Hi Jack, Who supplied your rear defuser Paul
  13. I was surprised as any that a bog standard 2.7 Cayman was quicker that a V6 Exige tyre problems notwithstanding around Anglesey even though it is a tight course
  14. The Exige does appeal to some old infirm people - like me for instance
  15. Simon at Reverie does quality work, but not cheap. I would be worried about grounding it all the time. I am not sure it it is the same dimensions as the Cup R front splitter but if it is it will not work without the Cup R rear wing package as will cause major instability at speed. I was advised by Lotus Racing when I spoke to them about fitting the standard Cup R splitter to my Cup car
  16. Have to say your car looks very smart, almost worth the downside of not being watertight, Never realized how white suits the Exige in Cup R setup.
  17. When I looked at fitting the R wing/Aero was told by the Motorsport Department that the downside was that the engine cover was not watertight so when left standing in rain water would get into the engine bay/luggage area. So decided against it.
  18. Not something that suits an Elise IMHO
  19. Great to meet a fellow Forum member if only on the M25. Thought your car looked very smart too. However, I bet you cannot wait for the LF1 however! Bibs, How do I get one? Paul
  20. Not too many pics from the festival so I thought would share one that was taken of my car (purely selfish of course)
  21. Fitted the lightweight batter. Itis worth getting althought not cheap and you should not have the same battery drain problem if no alarm/tracker fitted. Stored the 211 over the winter and never needed to trickle charge. Surprised not fitted as standard to the Cup considering the nature of the car and there is a fair bit of weight saving to be had too as the standard item weights a ton. Paul
  22. really tempted just need to check on my work comitments unfortunately. Will let you know. Thanks for the invite. Paul
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