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  1. Scotty, Pretty impressive. Trouble is it gets very addictive. Not to be a spoilsport, if I knew of any sponsors that would be prepared to stump up some serious cash, I would be out there with you Paul
  2. Memo sent . If they break one they pay for it
  3. Scotty, Now I would have thought it would have been you. How is the racing going? Got into the 3rd mortgage yet? Paul
  4. Believe it or not Del I agree with you for once! How you keeping anyway. Haven't heard from you for a while, Thought you had done a keith Floyd on us. Paul
  5. You must me one of the few people that drives their car ar night! Paul
  6. Ads, I have both fitted, it is not vital that you do, I just ran the water catch tank until Lotus introduced the oil one. The water catch tank is around
  7. Saw a 2 Eleven at Brands yesterday with pretty severe rear end damage. Was it anybody's on here?
  8. Does the light come on when you press the button? In any event doesn't sound like it's working. Did you try it at different settings? Paul
  9. Second that. What at Brands yesterday too. Paul
  10. Del, I have no problem with non- Lotus parts either, although would prefer the Lotus part if available and not ott price wise. Not sure how strong the non Lotus option is though, as a bracing bar had to be fitted, although that may be a FIA compliant thing. Understand that originally the roll bar was the towing option and only after they went racing and found that when the car was pulled out frontways the nose would dig in and cuase more damage they went the tow eye route. Paul
  11. It's very expensive to fit the front towing eye as Jo says the front claim needs to be removed (6 hours labour) as a strengthening bar needs to be fitted. I fitted mine when I had the Lamova cooler/triple radiator installed. So good time to do then if you go for the upgrade. Paul
  12. Not sure how viable lifting by the rollbar is in that you are putting different stresses than I would have thought was the intended purpose. Best bet I thought would be to find out from Nick. You are right about retrofitting the tow eyes, as it requires removing the front clam with is a 6 our labour job. I did it and cost about a grand in all. ( Had I known before hand would not have bothered, but worth doing if you deside to fit the Lamova Oil coolers). Paul
  13. Bibs, Already done so. Would be nice to get a block of 2-elevens together. Paul
  14. OK Bibs count me in Paul
  15. Not sure what the video illustrates in relation to the merits of the gearbox but nevertheless an excellent video in it's own right. Paul
  16. Best of luck. keep the forum posted with your experiences. Paul p.s. love the classic Lotus paintwork
  17. I would say it's virtually certain you have the standard Probax seats at as far as I am aware the new seat sare not available yet. Even if they are I would assume they will be an extra cost option. Like Bill said they are designed to fit on the standard runners so unless you get the FIA seat mounts or an after market equivalent the seats will be basically at the same height. I have run the car with both the tonneau and the taller screen and whilst they are an improvement it is not a cure, Just accept that it is a character of the car and enjoy it for what it is. Paul
  18. Still seems crazy that even the taller wind deflector which of not strictly road legal could possibly need wipers anyway. Comments Jo !!! Guess rules are rules though however crass. Paul
  19. No, road going 2 eleven's have the standard screen. This apparantly is the tallest that was allowed in order to pass the SVA test for type approval. The new "taller" screen is only 2.5cm higher but makes a difference in that in reduces some of the bufferting at speed. Paul
  20. If you look at the pictures of my car in the Owners garage there is a picture with the taller screen fitted. Paul
  21. Not for Del, he drives with his legs crossed too! Paul
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