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  1. What are they chasrging for this? Thanks Paul
  2. Mine was constantly stalling in traffic before the reflash. The upgrade has seemed to cure most of the problem. Paul
  3. The GT4's use a similar Recaro Seat, talk to Russel at LotusSport
  4. Scotty, Fantastic achievement. Well done. Paul
  5. Arr BMW drivers that explains it
  6. For normal track days I think a HANs device is a bit OTT unless you are paranoid, in which case you could argue that you should wear one in normal driving, fill the cockpit full of foam and have a guy with red flag walk in front of you. Unless you are racing don't see that they are necessary and even then only at the serious level of motor sport. Paul
  7. Thanks a lot Bibs and Nick. It is obvious that a lot of thoughtand effort went to this. Well done guys Paul
  8. Welcome Tony, if you buy one you won't regret it. Paul
  9. Welcome Paul, not that far away from you in Colchester, Hope you are enjoying the car. Paul
  10. 88 miles per tank - you are not trying hard enough - start flat shifting Paul 3rd both Matt's and Al's comments. Also would like to see a decent instrument binnacle. Paul
  11. There speaks a rich man, the Lotus one, as used on the GT4 will set you back around 25,000 bucks! (GBP 20,000 for us limeys') Paul
  12. Anyone heard how Nick is? Just wondering as haven't seen him post for a while. Paul
  13. Agree with Tam, engine mounts are a must upgrade, and surprise surprise cheap too ( for Lotus ). Adds a fair amount of vibration, but as we are not talking saloon cars here, so the trade off is well worth the increase throttle response and (perceived) handling benefits. However, agree with Jo, that they should have been a free retrofit. Paul
  14. Del, Nice to hear from you, I thought you were dead or had decided to trade the 2-11 in for a tractor. Paul p.s. Your jokes haven't got any funnier. Which one of the Krankies are you btw
  15. Just had the Lamnova cooler and triple bypass radiator fitted. Not particularly cheap as the front clam needs to be removed. At least it saves 8 kilos in weight, so burgers can still be on the menu! Paul
  16. Not strictly true as the 2-11 chassis is based on MK1 Exige and not the current cars. Paul
  17. Not sure you will find the 2-11 that much easier to drive with that amount of power and as for the reliability with additional strain on the drivetrain and components well......... all I can say is good luck my friend. P
  18. Just curious, I would have thought the easiest and cheapest way to keep up with an Atom 300, if that is your goal would have been just to buy one in the first place. (Or a Caterham R500 or Radical for that matter) Paul
  19. Yes it is. Bobcat Orange has one fitted and he runs in the LoT Elise series Paul
  20. Max, I think you will have trouble at most circuits with a 3 inch box. I bought the complete GT3 system from JIm. ( was his guinea pig) de cat pipe with 8 inch back silencer and it registers 98 dbs static Paul
  21. Agreed, that type of conversion only needed for people with egos bigger than talent. However, having said that it does sound like fun with the with same BHP per tonne as a Caterham R500 Paul
  22. Scott - Friend or enema! Paul
  23. Sounds like you won't be keeping your 2-11 long ! Of course a driver is only as good as the car he has to pilot too. Paul
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