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  1. 12 hours ago, The Pits said:

    The car looks amazing on the video (half the battle admittedly) but I don't feel any the wiser about how it drives or compares to the 250 Cup.

    All the positive points mentioned are available for much less with the other Elises. There was no convincing justification for the extra cost. I would have one in a heartbeat just for the way it looks and for being the 'ultimate Elise' but I'd also admit to being completely daft in the process. An early Cup 250 or Sprint 220 is all the Elise I could ever wish for.

    I really hope someone here gets one. I'd genuinely love one. I think it's the coolest car Lotus make. Not the most awesome (GT430) or exciting (311). But the coolest. A gold £60k Elise. Fair play to Lotus for having the spuds to come out with that!



    Having a 250 Cup a know for a fact it is going to be a fantastic car in pure isolation as a driving machine.

    The problems is in IMHO is that 1) the car STARTS at 60k, once you spec it with the gold paint, titanium exhaust, air con etc is becomes a 70k car which is a lot of money for an Elise in anybody's book and 2) the new model is only a couple of years away.

    Not sure what customer demographic Lotus are going for with this car. It's very expensive for a road car/track day car  and not exotic enough for anybody who has the money for a pure trackday toy i.e BAC Mono, Radical etc.To most people the basic Sprint would do  almost as well as the 260 Cup and certainly more in the bangs for bucks stakes. The fact that no one on this Forum has bought one, which is a Lotus fanboy site, speaks volumes. So it appears to be neither a car for Lotus fans looking for a step up and hardly the car to tempt people new to Lotus products. After all notwithstanding the competition there are lot more models in the Lotus line up that would appear to make more sense to those buyers.

    Saying that I genuinely looked to px my original 250 Cup for one for the reason you mentioned, but the differential of 35K for a year old car did not make any logical sense.

    Better off saving more pennies and get an Exige 430 Cup, which makes more sense (or a little more sense) or waiting only 2 years for the new model knowing Lotus is bound to make the car  a big step up in terms of development.

  2. My issue is this, as a die hard Lotus fan having owned an original S1 Elise/340r/Exige GT3/211/V6Cup and currently n Elise 250 Cup is that Lotus not only appear to be losing the plot but appear to have no respect for either their client base or their dealerships.

    i get that all car manufacturers produce various versions of their models, what I object to is that the bring out a newer better version before the initial buyers of the previous model have even received their cars.

    i am sure anyone who have ordered a 430 Cup Evora must be wondering if there will be a 450 etc version before they even have their car parked in their garage.

    And that is my point are Lotus shooting themselves in the foot by  it only raising the bar in terms of pricing, but are they actually stopping people buying the so called high end “limited editions” when a better version is only months away.

    it will certainly be interesting to see how many dealers now order one for their stock.




    1 hour ago, TheKevlarKid said:

    What, straight to 430? They've missed out the Exige 410... "won't somebody think of the special editions" [Maude Flanders]

    So I take it we are at a 100k Exige now with options.... 

    450 Evora Cup imminently no doubt. I would expect some bargains to be had on the 380 Cups from the dealers who added them to their stock.

    £70,000 Elise’s/£100,000 Exiges/£125,000 Evora’s !!! Wonder if the build quality has improved significantly when you look at the 211 refurbish thread and you see all the corner cutting back then. 

    Hopefully at these prices they have

  4. 14 hours ago, Neal H said:

    I've been pondering whether to switch my 250 Cup order to one of these, but i think on balance I'll stick with the 250 which I have specced just as I want it.

    It's a major price hike and I deliberately left off the carbon from my 250 Cup and the extra down force and adjustable dampers will only be useful to track addicts (rather than the occasional like me). I also don't think I could live with that rear wing!!

    The 'Limited Edition' part sort of appeals, but I agree it won't be the last before 2020.

    I wouldn't bother. Just out of curiosity I asked the dealer I bought my car from what I would get for my less than a year old 250 Cup in part exchange and was told £37,500. You can get a whole lot of upgrades to your car for a tenth of depreciation price.

    Also don't forget campers, Lotus 70 anniversary is just around the corner so there is bound to be a new version to celebrate that, maybe a 2-70 Cup:P

  5. Doesn't take too many ticks of the extras box to get over £70,000 which is crazy for an Elise or any 4 cylinder car for that matter and close to the Evora 400 /Exige 350  Sport which makes you wonder who will buy one.

    And as far as residuals go, there are a number of 250 Cups for sale in the region of £40,000 or a 30% depreciation. There are so many new "Specials" now that I don't think they will appreciate in price, look what 220 Cups now go for.

    A pound to a penny that before 2020 's new Elise there will be many more reincarnations.

    A clear example of the law of diminishing returns


  6. For my two pennies worth, it is a lot of money, especially as the way things are going with Lotus by the time you have got your car there will already be another faster/better/more expensive one.( I wonder how many 410 owners are regretting already)

    Have to say for a £130,000  plus car with most the options the interior still does not look any different from the basic Evora apart from a few carbon fibre bits.

    For a GT car in the true sense it seems ridiculous to make all the usual GT car standard equipment, air con/ sat nav/ ICE . options, plus charging £120 for a cup holder is surely taking the pee.

    Also I am surprised they do not offer a flappy paddle option on this car considering they do even on the 410, seems that would appeal to more potential buyers of Grand Tourers.

    The overall shape is great, but I am not sure the rear wing does it any favours, especially as I have previously stated it is a GT and not a Cup car. Also the front wing louvres look really tacky and something which Reverie offer. At least on the Exige 380 Cup they were built in and not a Halfords spec item.

    Will also be interesting how many will appear on dealers forecourt like the 410 Sport.

    I am a die hard Lotus fan but I am not sure they have an integrated idea of the way forward. It is a bit of a conundrum for Lotus in that unlike Porsche/Ferrari/McLaren et al, Lotus buyers tend to keep there cars much much longer and are not bothered too much about image and having the latest thing to impress the neighbours, more about the way the car drives.

    In a way you can say Lotus are a victim of there own success within their marketplace, they sell not that many cars because  the people who buy them love them and keep them much too long for Lotus to become profitable. And trying to counteract by putting up the prices just kills the goose that laid the golden egg.

  7. Have to agree with all the comments on the above.

    Lotus pricing is becoming questionable this days. Have worked out that a fully specced Cup is close on GBP 75,000! It is obviously a great car but are Lotus pricing themselves out of the market.

    Much better to save a shed load of money with the outgoing version which ticks all the boxes.( And not saying that because I just bought one)



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