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  1. Bibs, What do I need to do by 31st Jan. to get the price discount? Order/pay, or actually get it done! Andrew
  2. Scott, WOW! As a die-hard fan of the launch edition colour scheme - who keeps saying he hasn't seen anything to touch it - I think your new JP Special is fantastic. Glad to read you are so obviously delighted with it. Also noticed the build no. - 2-eleven - makes me think you have friends in high places, but we knew that already ... Andrew
  3. Did something alert you to a problem, or did you just pick it up on a visual check-over? Andrew
  4. Derrick/Paul, I was just about to order a new set of tyres when I saw this string (hadn't looked at it before) and double-checked. Like Derrick (my car is no.042) I have 195/50s but a manual that says 195/60s. I think it must be an error in the manual - the people I've ordered from don't list any Yokohama tyre at 195/60 and neither does Yokohama's own web-site! Andrew
  5. I'll be there - can't come for the whole weekend, so will just drive up to Snetterton at crack-of-dawn on the Monday. Andrew
  6. Jo, What's the view on getting in at Goodwood with the Stage 1 fitted? In April, Goodwood had me at 99dB (engine cold), 97 dB (engine warmed up) with the standard exhaust, so I only just got in. Andrew
  7. I'm at Castle Combe with BHP Trackdays on 16th June; Donington with Book-a-Track on 7th July; hopefully Snetterton with Scott on 15th September - I assume Scott will be posting something soon about that? Very sadly, none of LOT's dates have suited me so far this year, or for the rest of the year - just the way diary-juggling goes. Andrew
  8. Gavin, Mine does exactly what you describe - I mentioned it early on to Scott to see if he had experienced the same, but his never leaves the showroom so he doesn't use petrol! (only kidding - but he said he hadn't had the problem). I now guess how much space the tank has, then stop 5 litres or so short and either leave it there or trickle in the rest if I really want to be full. Andrew
  9. Given the concentration of 2-elevens in Surrey, what about some kind of participation at this year's Wings & Wheels at Dunsfold? Frankly, they ought to be featuring Lotus in the Diamond Anniversary year anyway. I can't go to W&W this year, or I'd have been on the e-mail to Dunsfold Park myself to look into organising something. As it is, just a thought, and I leave it to others (Scott??) to see if anyone wants to run with it ... Andrew
  10. Paul, A stupid, rookie error - power down too fiercely too early exiting the chicane before the home straight, on a damp track - a spin across the track, a slide across the grass and backside into the tyre wall opposite the pit lane entrance. Andrew
  11. Am I the first/only owner so far to bend their 2-eleven? (See pics below - the first is my favourite view of the car; it's a just punishment for vanity that my argument with a Goodwood tyre wall last month bashed up that very view!) If I'm not the only one, why not share you stories of bumps & scrapes here. Andrew
  12. I have: Build No. 042 Launch Edition Godalming (Surrey, UK) Andrew Baker
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