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  1. I'm about to replace the rear Yokohama AO48s on my Exige S. The local agent tells me that I should fit 'Medium' compound but I notice there is also a 'medium/hard' compound available. Which is correct?And which was fitted as OE?
  2. As promised a few pics of our 2Eleven in action in this year's Lotus Cup Europe: First time out at the SPA Elise Trophy races Part of the line up for the AvD 100 Mile race at Monza At Hockenheim for our second visit in October Three more from Monza.
  3. That was my 2Eleven. The occasion was the launch of Lotus Club Ireland at the Track Skills Track Day. Despite the November weather the day was a great success. I'm afraid I blotted my copybook with an off at Debtors - 120mph in the wet - although damage was limited to a broken splitter and some cracks in the front clam. I'll attach a few pics later of the car with which we finished 3rd in this year's Lotus Cup Europe. If anyone would like contact details for LCI drop me a note.
  4. Al B. Happy to give you any help I can Bob
  5. Just to belatedly introduce myself. I'm based in Ireland but racing a 2Eleven in the Lotus Europe Cup. Car is based at Thierry Verheist's in Belgium. I'd be very interested to hear from others who are competing in this championship or contemplating doing so in the future.
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