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  1. Hi,

    Yes NZ Motorsport "reluctantly" allowed the FIA approved rollbar.

    Call me to discuss..021 443 881


  2. hi there, i am also in nz and just got a 211 in a deal i did. it arrives in a week or so, the question i have is does the factory roll cage comply with motorsport nz? or do you have to change anything? i would apreciate any help. deon.

  3. Yeah but think of the weight saving..and thats my watch wearing arm too!
  4. Its a relief to see I'm not the only guy with this issue. I forgot to mention that I have also fitted the smaller wheel, but this doesnt really make a difference. The only permenent solution to the problem is using a hack saw..I just wonder if anybody would notice.
  5. HI Wookie, Im up for a beer anytime...I will PM you Paul
  6. Something that has always annoyed me with the 2-11 and I wondering if anybody else has the same issue. I find the rollbar (on RHD models) gets in the way with my right arm especially on left hand turns.
  7. Simon/Ads, Point taken...but to make matters worse, the Junos are in class below me ie they are N/A , so with my little supercharged car I have to compete with V8's ie 800hp TVR, Vipers etc. Bloody hard work!!! One consolation though, I can drive my car to the office every day
  8. Ads, I have raised this issue with Russel, and I also flicked a note to Nick Adams (no response). Yes, when the T/C is disabled the knob is fully clockwise. The car is not nice to drive unless the T/C is fully off, the flat spot is so bad its like driving an old turbo car with lag. Paul
  9. This is my issue with the 2-11 ...its just NOT fast enough. Its quick off the line, but I get seriously dealt to in a race here. My class has Junos, Radicals etc, and Im mid field at best. Maybe its me...but I just cant get the staight line speed> I have the rigid tonneau and the upgraded ECU, and this makes it nicer to drive. I feel the 2-11 needs 300 HP+. There are hardly enough Lotus's in NZ to warrant a Lotus only race.
  10. Ads, Yes, the problem completely disappears when the TC is on. The rear tyres are brand new, and the wheel sensors appear to be working OK, I suppose, how would I know?...the abs is working fine. Paul
  11. Help...My 2-11 has a developed a flat spot between 3-4000 rpm. The engine has a "miss" akin to an F1 car entering the pits (thats the only way I can describe it). When the engine is missing ,my T/C light on the dash is flashing!!!. If I engage the T/C the miss disappears. I have recently upgraded the ECU to the lastest 260hp hoping this would fix the problem, but its still there. Does anybody know what could be causing this?
  12. Is anybody on the forum aware of a model manufacture who has made a Lotus 2-11, preferably in Launch edition colours??
  13. I'm hoping other UK based forum members can throw some light on Lotus's F1 effort for 2010. What engines..(Mercedes, Renault, Cosworth?) will be used, who will be driving (Im still waiting for a Super licence is current; LOL )
  14. I'm running Dunlop Formula Direzza O3G, for me these work far better than the A048 because there working when cold ie the first corner!! The A048's require some temperature for them to come up to speed (no pun intended). For hill climes Im running sticky Hooziers - slicks with three grooves, and they are road legal here..well sort of officer.
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