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  1. Very nice. Thanks for posting these. It was nice to see one in anger for the first time.
  2. I may be being stupid about this but is it not right that slick usually go off after one heat cycle as opposed to track tyres which can stand and are designed for many? I may be wrong, I usually am.
  3. Lovely, all yellow, track only version about for about half of the day.
  4. Is there a matt black car about or is that my imagination?
  5. Hello all, Paul, to answer your question when I ordered the Atom there wasn't really anything else out there similar, the R500 wasn't on sale and the Circuit car had not been finalised. I test drove the Atom and really really liked it. So the die was cast so to speak. Jo, miss you on the Atom forum, sorry about the parocial attitude of some. Glad to see you getting on well with the 2-11. Scott, how's things friend? Been a long time. Hope your good. No one can sell them like you can! This Lotus weekend thing sounds like a good idea. I'd be well up for it. "Finer things in life", your a legend. By the way the Sport 160 is still as good as ever!
  6. Hey Paul, believe it or not the Atom forum in thriving, take a look. I have the 300, to be honest the handling is pretty good to my mind. Not sure about the older ones but mine seems well sorted. I read that about the 245 being better, can't comment as I haven't driven a 245. One thing that is corect thought as appeared on the Drivers' Republic video is that it is so fast in a straight line that you are in shock most of the time, even when you get to a corner! Still, makes life interesting! How long have you have the 2-11 for? Waht did you go from, another Lotus or somethiong else?
  7. Yep, seen the test. Thought it was interesting, the critisms of the Atom are the ones that you usually hear. It is a very lively thing! How did people on here think the reflections on the 2-11 stacked up?
  8. Hello all, don't own a 2-11, bought an Elise Sport 160 of Scott a few years ago and also have an Atom but I do love the 2-11. I come to spead peace, love and understanding.
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