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  1. Hi Amer - it was a great day and can't believe how lucky we were with the weather. Looked like you were flying round on the final session when you were by yourself! We were wondering whether to go back on July 17th on the circuits day event, but I'll keep you posted. The car was fine this time - just lost a wheel centre cap, but had it returned! Good to see you there, Mark
  2. Hi Amer, Looking forward to it - just hope the weather holds! see you there! Mark
  3. I had a new dual core alloy radiator fitted a month ago, and have been out on track a couple of times since. The cooling is now so much better, with the gauge reading now around the low 90's at top. Really recommend this upgrade, especially for anyone driving on the road where there is a chance of queuing traffic.
  4. I love Oulton Park and it's great for the 2-11. Going there next tuesday and can't wait. Last year though, I had one of my first track days in it when a gasket in the gearbox failed through knickerbrook and dumped all of the transmission over the rear tyres sending me off the tarmac. Just glad it didn't happen through druids!
  5. Thanks a lot. Tried to ring them today, but no answer. Hope it's not going to take to long to sort out now we're well into the season!
  6. Sorry!! Guess I missed the discount too! Sounds worth doing, especially now I've found out that the car is out of action for 4 weeks!
  7. Whilst having the radiator replaced, the garage mentioned the ECU upgrade available. Does anyone have it, and is it worth doing? Cheers, Mark
  8. Hi, Mine has just blown as well. It has been fine on track, but on Sunday I was in a traffic jam for an hour, when there was suddenly loads of steam as the coolant all leaked out. Is there any point in contacting lotus even if it's out of warranty, if the radiator has known problems? Whilst the front clam is off, are there any other useful upgrades to carry out? Mine is a launch edition no. 47. Cheers, Mark
  9. Ive had 3 full oil and brake fluid changes in ~5k miles, with filter change too. Also new transmission fluid replaced after losing it all at Oulton park!
  10. Sorry...4513 miles, the last few totted up on a fantastic day at croft. How about countries? Britain, Holland, Germany, Belgium and France!
  11. I think wearing a helmet really depends on your height. We are tough up north, but I'm only 5'7! Nothing much hits my forehead without a helmet, but feeling the airflow with my hand when driving - if I was a couple of inches taller I would definitely need a lid. From the track, the top of my helmet is covered in dead insects. The weird thing I've found is that when you put your hand in front of the bottom of the screen at speed it is in a vacuum. I was thinking of getting a bike helmet for road use, but cos I'm a short arse I feel fairly safe without....
  12. I went from Yorkshire to the ring and back and ditched the helmet after an hour. I found Oakleys fine, but did get pelted every now and again with debris. Just stay a little distance away from the car in front on the autobahns and dont follow a noble! Most of the flies/pebbles etc go over your head, but when they do hit it just feels like a needle prick. I'd rather have that than a 10 hour drive with a car helmet on. I'm sure a bike helmet would be more comfortable for a trip like that.
  13. Mark Haworth No 47 Launch edition with SVA pack West Yorkshire
  14. mas3200


    Hi all, cheers for the welcomes! The ring was great thanks - really great few days. I'll post some pictures if I can, but check out for some really good photos on the carousel - mine is the one on the homepage! I wasn't very quick - just below 9 minutes as it was my second visit there and I didn't know the track except from the PS2! It is the most intimidating place I've been to and when the barrier goes up you definitely feel your heart pounding. I had no problems with having no tow hooks, as they can just use the roll cage apparently. 1 marshall had a problem with me having no rear number plate. There were 2 other 2-11s there that weekend, and we all lost our plates due to be being placed over the box. I found mine melted to my rear diffuser bubbling away! I had a couple of passenger laps in another 2-11 with a driver (possibly Gary from Scotland who's just registered) who was seriously quick. I just couldn't believe how much speed could be carried through the corners, and how soon power could be put back down after having a heavier front engined car that was steered with the accelerator. Whilst there one of the highlights was on the GP circuit. A swedish bloke with a GT3 RS came over to have a chat about the car before the session. We were then wheel to wheel til the end and had a fantastic time with nothing touching our speed. Best bit was when we both slowed on a straight for a quick chat and a laugh! I haven't looked at the LOT website before, so haven't done any track days with them. I've had it at Rockingham, Croft, Donnington and Oulton twice over here. The best corners for the car (carousel aside) at these are druids at Oulton, and Craner Curves at Donny. Amazingly - after 5 track days here and the ring plus the GP the tyres still seem to have some life left in them. In the Aero a set would manage 2 days at the most.
  15. mas3200


    Hi all, Just heard about this site today on a track day at Oulton Park. I'm really glad I did as there isn't much about 2-11s on pistonheads. I picked mine up in December and have done a fair few trackdays since, including a trip to the 'ring in May. I wasn't looking forward to the drive down, but after a night on the party boat from hull to rotterdam, it was a great trip - 2 and a half days on the 'ring and a session at the GP circuit too. The weather was fantastic and the drive was so much more comfortable than in my previous Aero 8 which I wasn't expecting. Whilst there I had an electric niggle which kept causing the car to completely cut out - we found this to be due to a loose nut on a terminal in the main relay. Really simple to solve, but nearly wrecked the weekend. Another glitch was at Oulton Park in July when the gearbox dumped all of the transmission fluid over the rear tyres causing a spin and an end to the day. Apart from these I've covered about 4k miles of fantastic driving without incident and find the car awesome. Today at Oulton the car was quicker than anything else, and seems to be getting faster as it loosens up. Mine came with the Stage 1 exhaust and registered at 98dB static today, but I was black flagged twice a couple of months ago at Donny. 2 quick fixes to the noise are to avoid the curbs, and to buy one of those end pipes from halfords with a 45 deg angle for
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