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  1. Scotty C

    211 harness

    would anyone have a passanger side set of of harnesses out of a 211. I have a drives set and want to fit them into my elise. same as these in black.
  2. here as some of my photos from 1994
  3. Scotty C


    From the album: moab

    riding down lions back
  4. Scotty C


  5. Scotty C


    From the album: moab

    this is the arch from a differnt angle, yes he cycled across it
  6. Scotty C


    From the album: moab

    yes that is high up, look at the road through the hole
  7. Scotty C


    From the album: moab

    going up lions back on the back of a rednecks truck
  8. Scotty C


    From the album: moab

    looking down lions back
  9. I went mountain biking to Utah in 1993, omg that's 20 years ago. We met up with some red necks that took us out on the back of there truck and took us up the lions back. Fooking shat myself. We also rented a 4x4 and one of my mates rolled it. Epic holiday, I raced downhill in the world cup @ Durango (mechanical) and vail (far to hungover) Must go back.
  10. We went to this island (sandbank) for the day and got engaged :-) . Loving it here and really don't want to come home on Saturday :-(
  11. Well off to Dubai tomorrow then onto the maldives. Really looking forward to this. Follow up post to follow in 3 weeks
  12. well this thread has cost me a few £££, off to visti friends in Dubai for 10 days then onto Kuredu for a week in April. Weird how you can book a holiday on a recomendation from someone you have never met. lotusforum/ thanks Scotty
  13. Shere can only be one, shurly
  14. cool, sounds like you got a good deal. Were heading over to see friend in Dubai in April for a week and I was thinking about spanding our second week here. Thanks for the info I will let you know if we go. Cheers
  15. LOL
  16. wow that looks really nice, what room did you stay in? and what room would you surgest to stay in?
  17. the only way to drink flaming sambuca is to put the sambuca in your mouth and then light it. just dont do it like this
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