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  1. I was a customer cancel car. It was red, white & blue but I got the factory to paint it and change the decals from blue to black. I was wanting a Orange one but could not wait. I am loving the colour and like the fact its a one off. I thought they would be able to give you a delivery date by now? Scotty
  2. I wish, we are short staffed just now so no danger of having a sicky. The weather is nice a sunny today and the forcast is for heavy showers tomorrow
  3. Shame they are 120 miles away. Roll on Saturday
  4. I wondered if someone could measure the panel under the side indicator. I am looking to get a sticker made for that area. After what happened to the Exige I am getting something like this, I think the sticker will be rectangle (taller then wider?) in shape. I don't get the car till Saturday, but would like to get the sticker made this week. Thanks in advance Scotty 5 more sleeps
  5. If these things work for bikers then I would hope that they will work in the 2-11? Scotty
  6. I have been looking into a new helmet and also a hans device, I know it might be a bit ott but after my crash and the problems I am having with my neck it has made me think. I have also been looking into Bluetooth kits for helmets, it will be handy for phone, mp3 and also talking to your pax. Has anyone else fitted one of the kits? Scotty C PS does the 2-11 come with a 12v socket?
  7. Well, I bought them with the car so the dealer quoted me
  8. Ok being a tight scot, I am just trying to work out if the
  9. We will wait and see. I think I will just have to get my head round wearing a helmet. Oh by the way i'm 6'2"? One things for sure I am looking forward to taking it on track.
  10. Paul Not driven the 2-11 yet. I have had a 340r for over 4 years and got it Honda’ed in over a year ago. Really love it and there’s not much on track that gives it a hard time. I have sent a lot of time & money on the 340r thinking it was a car for life. I do approx 10-12k miles per year on road runs, touring and track days, not as many track days as I would like but a lot of that is down to time and money and also living in Aberdeen. I must admit the only thing that has put me off the 2-11 is the lack of windscreen as I do a lot of road miles and really don’t want to have to wear a helmet all the time. I have been struggling with the fact that the 340r is a great car and is the 2-11 worth the extra
  11. My friend has one of these on his bike. I am going to fit it to the 2-11 (when I get it) and see what its like Scotty C
  12. SVA car with Sport pack, I was going to add big brakes but Nick talked me out of it as I will be using the car on the road. I am sure I will add them and the Aero pack at a later date. Cheers Scotty
  13. I thought I would come and say hi. I have a 2-11 on order, its a long story. I have a 340rR and up until last Saturday I also had a 240cup. Some nice German tourist decided to pull across in front of me and write the car off. I was very lucky only to have a couple of broken rips. Well I had been looking at replacing the 340r with a 2-11 anyway but this just helped move things along a bit faster. I got a customer cancelation SVA car and fingers crossed I should get the car in a few week (if my ribs are up to it). It was a red car white and blue car, but the factory have painted the main blue parts Black and changed the decals to suit. Should look a bit like this I spent 1/2 hour on the phone with Nick Adams going over the spec of the car. Top Bloke. Really looking forward to getting the car on track and meeting some fellow 2-11 owners. My first trip in the 2-11 will be FF7 and then to the ring Scotty C
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