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  1. first ones going to hurt second ones going to be expensive.
  3. bibs i saw that picture last week and thought it was epic. makes me smile. about to post it on my FB page.
  4. they need to teach it what an apex is
  5. holly sh1t, got any more info?
  7. if you knew me you would know that wasnt me. Although every time i do anything to my car there are always bolts left over.
  8. I spent a mouth riding and racing mountain bikes in Colorado and Utah 20 years ago. really beautiful part of the world, I’m saddened by what’s happening. Take care
  10. Scotty C


    i have a wee gas travel number (o-grill), great for taking to the beach etc even matches my van
  11. and i thought sub 8 mins in the 211 was fast.
  14. some very cool photos from space http://www.stumbleup...ultiline&ref=nf
  15. Bibs I think this is more like it
  16. Does anyone in or around aberdeen have an Evora S. If so can you please contact me, I might have a very good deal for you? Thanks Scotty C
  17. i prefer this.
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