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  1. Sorry i didnn't know that or I wouldn't have posted it. Bibs if you want it removed then please do.
  2. Sorry if this is a repost or this has been said on here already I don't read everything on here.
  3. Scotty C


    we've had nothing in aberdeen as yet.
  6. I think it was a Rio holiday promotion video.
  7. Really wtf. I gave up after loosing 7minutes of my life.
  8. ok 2 questions. how did it get up there and is it tied to the building in any way?
  9. advert now live. thanks Bibs
  10. same happened to me, pump failed and lots of bit of metal in the sump. PITA
  11. getting old. good time to buy another rental flat, then will look into getting another car. Thinking about a Elise, just not sure yet.
  12. anyone want to buy my 2-11. PM me for more details. Advert will be done once i get a minute. Sorry Bibs. Thanks Scott
  13. Looks great, but i think it sticks out to far. Lotus gave up using there big spoiler as it caused to much drag (10mph on a long straight) but I take it you have tested your one and it's made a deference?
  14. North sea last week. Had one of my customers tell me they were bobing about in 40-50m high waves.
  15. good try but the hole at the top is too good is it not?
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