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  1. time to get rid of mine that 3 in Aberdeen now. It must be because of the climate.
  2. Hope you dont mind me plugging this for a couple of friends?
  3. got to love slicks on a warm day
  4. im not sure there would be room for 4 of us?
  5. i have a friend living in Kansas just now. posted a photo on FB the other day, 122 deg cosey
  6. im not sure what list to go on 1: bingoking + 1 2: delands 3: Andrew C 4: Archie + 1 5: Al + 1 (not 100% on either of us tho') 6: Paul G 7. Justin From Scottish Elises 1: hendeg 2: Scotty C ok i'll stick with the young boys
  7. not sure of your location, but it might be easier if you get it from elise shop? tell Yvo @ elsie shop I sent you
  8. thanks for asking, i was thinking the same
  9. i have my name down for 1. lets hope its s/c 350 BHP
  10. Then you will know its a ipad not a laptop
  11. bibs did you steal that off my FB Connor Cummins Crash at the Verandah (the rag doll one going off the road) is stomach churning.
  12. if you give steve williams a call or e-mail at SWLotus. he might be able to help with a tonneau. Is your car left hand drive (on the wrong side ) if so you better tell him. cheers Scotty
  13. the Scud driver is a nice bloke, I am a customer of his and we were chatting before he went out, about my racing (i was trying to pimp myself out) He said "i was told I should go racing by a driving instructor at silverstone" Fare doo's for taking it out and having the balls to drive it at that pace. He has a 458 on order, I just wonder if he was trading in the scud
  14. we were away in the camper again at the weekend and stopped off here.
  15. this photo was taken by the same guys as Justin and about 20 feet away
  16. al the rear tow eye just bolts onto the 2 main bolts that hold the undertray on they are 13mm head bolts or 1/2" if your havn't bought yourself a metric tool kit yet. the front one is a clam off job, sorry enjoy scotty you can just see mine here. PS oh how i wish it still looked as shiney as it does in this photo.
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