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  1. that is nuts that motorbike ride reminds me of this.
  2. SW Lotus in maidenhead. Ask for Steve, say i sent you. Scotty
  3. before and after photos from above.
  4. yes i do, yes we have some great roads and very quiet when you get 15 miles out of town. Going over glenshee on Saturday on my way back from Knockhill, cana wait. fu*king in Austria. sorry i forgot to say. I win
  5. there is a place calle "LOST" about 30 miles from me.
  6. bibs is that a new one? im still waiting on a red 2-11 one
  7. I used to race a bit. 1988-1994 did the britsh championship's, bmbf championships also competed in a couple of the world cup events in america and the wold championship in Italy in 1991. Ended up in hospital after a crash I must look out my bike and dust it down some time.
  8. i remember that, think that was the first and only time its rained in aberdeen
  9. this is my drive to work. sorry for the poor camera phone pic.
  10. i thought you might go for these?
  11. Pro alloy tank will solve your problem if your ordering a tank from pro alloy, dont forget to get theses while your there. Say hi from me. Scotty C
  12. 25 minutes you must have been a shadow of yourself shi7 service really gets on my wick
  13. I asked what numbers the above cars were, but they dont have them yet. Murrays delivered a 211 to a customer a few weeks ago and it was number 300. so maybe 301 max.
  14. Murray motors in Edinburgh have 2 of the last 2-11's for sale. 2-11 RHD 1 x Aspen white and 1 x Starlight Black SVA Pack Supercharger Pack Sport Pack MY11 Forged Wheels - Black Passenger Seat Full leather with Lotus Sport Embroidery Front and Rear Towing eyes List is around £45k - but of course there is a deal to be done, this month only !!!!!
  15. i think they cant sell any in the EU after 31st Dec. Nothing stopping them still making them for track use?
  16. I take it the last 2-11 must be in production if not fully built. I wonder wonder what will happen to the last one?
  17. I have a pair of the unvented type, ive tested them at 160mph
  18. here's a pick of my 240cup (and my 340rR), i dont have many pics as i olny had it 3 months.
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