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  1. Spa is great in the rain, Just a shame chris edited the video just as i go passed him
  2. i thought you were talking about me and i dont even know you
  3. not the cheapest thou. or
  4. you could also dab with the left foot, this wouldn't upset the car as much.
  6. Im not sure if that stat is correct. And remember if the person deis on route to hospital or in hospital its not classed as @ the track i believe.
  7. Roger there goes your your theory about professional racing drivers, 9.50 onwards. @ 10.30 mins - taxi driver crashes into the back of about 3 cars inc the hired corvette. Ive done about 70 laps or so at the ring and never seen anything as stupid as the place the workmen have placed there sign, cones.
  8. this explains a lot.
  9. Scotty C


    nowt within 60 miles of aberdeen
  11. looking forward to it. lets hope the weather is better then the forecast. Thanks Scotty
  13. as bibs said, 2bular make great exhaust's. I have a full larger bore system on the car, great upgrade for the 211.
  14. i would be up for this but not sure if i will still have the lotus.
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